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Sample Paper



Level: 02

Subject: EVS

Class 3

Answer all the questions.

  1. Fill in the blanks:(1 × 5 = 5)
    1. _______ is an animal that can be seen in a pond sometimes.
    2. We get a pleasant smell if we crush the leaves of ______.
    3. A ________ is a spoon used to serve soups or other liquid food items.
    4. A food that we get from animals is __________.
    5. A letter without a proper ________ cannot be delivered to your loved ones.
  2. State whether the following sentences are True or False:(1 × 3 = 3)
    1. All utensils used by our grandparents when they were young, were made of steel.
    2. Spinach is an example of a leafy vegetable.
    3. People go up in multi-storeyed buildings with the help of elevators.
  3. Choose the correct option:(1 × 2 = 2)
    1. Some people keep a cow as a pet because—
      i) It gives milk ii) It gives honey
      iii) It gives eggs iv) None of the above
    2. Which of the following vegetables can be used to make designs on a cloth?
      i) Garlic ii) Chilli
      iii) Ladyfinger iv) Capsicum
  4. Match the following:(1/2 × 10 = 5)
    Column A Column B
    a) Tiger i) Food made without cooking
    b) Rivers ii) An uninvited animal
    c) Mechanic iii) An animal that should not be approached as they have venom
    d) Lizard iv) Helps in navigation
    e) Mixed vegetable raita v) Repairs cars and scooters
    f) Plastering floor and wall with cow dung vi) A man-made thing used to build houses
    g) A cane vii) Come from mountains
    h) Snake viii) Done by our grandparents in their childhood
    i) Compass ix) A wild and ferocious animal living in the forest
    j) Cement x) Guides a blind person
  5. Correct the following sentences:(1 × 4 = 4)
    1. The hospital is a place where people go to send letters and parcels.
    2. Many ages ago, people invented pots that were made of glass.
    3. Chaupat (or Chaupar) is an outdoor game played among at least 10 members.
    4. Shikara is a houseboat that is famous in Kerala.
  6. Answer the following in one sentence:(1 × 2 = 2)
    1. What are the different colours of leaves one can see around them?
    2. When does a rainbow appear?
  7. Answer the following questions in brief:(2 × 10 = 20)
    1. Name some animals that live on trees.
    2. Mention two activities for which you require water and two activities for which you don’t.
    3. Why is our family our ‘first school’?
    4. Why is it important to keep the school toilet clean?
    5. Why can birds fly?
    6. Which things should we consider before posting a letter?
    7. What can you say when you see a house with a slanting roof, made ten to twelve feet above the ground on strong bamboo poles?
    8. Why is water so essential for us?
    9. What should we do if we have guests staying at our house?
    10. Why should we have knowledge about directions and reading maps?
  8. Answer the following questions:(3 × 3 = 9)
      1. What is the common thing in the food items—pulao, biriyani, idli and kheer?
      2. If a person eats sea fish in his regular meals, can you say which type of place he resides?
      3. Name two food items that the people of our country do not commonly eat.
    1. How will you use the following body parts to express yourself without speaking a word?
      i) Mouth, ii) Eyes, iii) Hand.
    2. Explain how many vehicles you have to use if you are travelling from your house to your aunt staying in London, England (a foreign country).

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