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Sample Paper



Level: 03

Subject: EVS

Class 3

Answer all the questions.

  1. Fill in the blanks:(1 × 4 = 4)

    Symbols, Hospital, Thunder, Fruits

    1. _______ are one of the favourite foods of birds.
    2. We can see lightning and ________ when it rains.
    3. A ________ is for treating patients.
    4. _______ are found in maps.
  2. State whether the following sentences are True or False:(1 × 4 = 4)
    1. Playing Dumb Charades can teach us how to express ourselves without speaking.
    2. The common thing between Chess and Carrom is that both the games have black and white pieces.
    3. After giving birth, the mother cat leaves the kittens unattended.
    4. We all use garments of the same type, same colour and same texture all the time.
  3. Choose the correct option:(1 × 3 = 3)
    1. Which of the following containers will fill up the first?
      1. A bucket
      2. A water tank
      3. A water drum
      4. A glass tumbler
    2. Which of the following is a sign for a fuel pump we see on the roads?
      1. A picture of a fork and knife
      2. A capital letter P
      3. A picture of a bicycle
      4. A picture of the fuel pump
    3. Which of the following is not needed by us to stay alive?
      1. House
      2. Rat
      3. Egg
      4. Banana
  4. Match Column A with Column B:(1/2 × 4 = 2)
    Column A Column B
    a) Butterfly i) Roti
    b) Bonsai ii) Water wastage
    c) Wheat iii) Needs flowers
    d) Leaked pipes iv) Not there in the olden days
  5. Answer the following questions in one sentence.(1 × 3 = 3)
    1. Name a game that includes Kings and Queens but can only be played between two persons.
    2. What do you call the clothes that are compulsory while going to school?
    3. What things are essential for a fish tank?
  6. Answer the following questions in brief.(2 × 11 = 22)
    1. Write the names of two animals that can hop.
    2. Why does a baby only have milk as its food?
    3. Name two birds that you see in the water.
    4. What do you understand by drizzling rain and heavy rain?
    5. You have cabbage, cucumber, carrot, some spices, salt, a knife and a chopping board. What will you prepare from these ingredients without cooking?
    6. Identify the picture and mention its uses.
    7. Mention two reasons for which children do not go to school.
    8. Write two problems faced by persons with disabilities.
    9. Mention the steps involved in making pots.
    10. Write two points of difference between the following types of houses.
    11. What changes happened in Sitamma’s family in the last one year?
  7. Answer the following questions.(3 × 4 = 12)
    1. Look at the picture. How do you think the girls in the picture are related? Why do you think should we respect our elders? (1 + 2)


      a. Mention any three things that may happen if we do not keep our house clean.

    2. You know about animals that live in our house uninvited. Name three such animals and mention if any one of them helps us in any way.
    3. How does your mother understand that you have done some mischief just by looking at you?


      C. What do the following facial expressions indicate, and give an example for each.

    4. Name three medicinal plants and mention how they are useful.

* you can download question and solution paper

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