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Sample Paper



Level: 04

Subject: EVS

Class 3

Answer all the questions.

  1. State whether the following sentences are True or False.(1 × 6 = 6)
    1. Due to poverty, some children do not get a proper meal every day.
    2. A six-month old baby can easily eat a bhutta.
    3. A bullock cart runs on petrol.
    4. A trowel is used by a blacksmith.
    5. Letter writing is a traditional way of communication.
    6. Krishna and Kaveri always live together with their parents.
  2. Choose the correct option.(1 × 2 = 2)
    1. The essential thing for pot making is—
      i) Metal ii) Wood
      iii) Sand iv) Clay
    2. This vehicle is used for—
      i) Delivering food ii) Delivering letters
      iii) Transporting patients iv) Selling vegetables
  3. Answer the following questions in one word.(1 × 5 = 5)
    1. Which oil do they use for cooking fish in Kashmir?
    2. What do birds like kites and crows eat?
    3. What kind of house is a tent—Temporary or Permanent?
    4. Name an animal used for agricultural works?
    5. What type of family does Sitamma have?
  4. Answer the following questions in one sentence.(1 × 2 = 2)
    1. Write the favourite foods of a parrot.
    2. Give two examples of vehicles that run on electricity.
  5. Answer the following questions in brief.(2 × 10 = 20)
    1. Draw your favourite animal or bird and label its important parts.
    2. What are the problems that one has to face during heavy rainfall?
    3. Mention any two ways by which you can help your younger sibling.
    4. Write about how you decorate your house during a festival.
    5. What is the difference between Mudras and Bhavs
    6. Write a few lines about the picture given below.
    7. Name two foods that you get from plants and animals each.
    8. Guide Mohan from the tree beside the school to the shop using the arrows given.
    9. Among the following, identify the ones which are made of thick fabric and which are made of smooth fabric.

      School bag, handkerchief, mother’s saree, painting canvas, sweater, silk frock.

    10. What do living beings need to survive?
  6. Answer the following questions.(3 × 5 = 15)
    1. How will you identify the following things without looking at them?
      1. Fresh lemon leaves
      2. Cardamom pod
      3. Bark of cinnamon


      a. Write any three features of plants that are seen in water.

    2. Geeta offered fruit juice to her cousins in these tumblers shown below. But her cousins started fighting by saying that they had got unequal amounts of fruit juice. How do you think Geeta stopped the fight between her two cousins?
    3. Briefly describe a method of cooking that does not require fuel.


      c. In what ways are fuels used at home for cooking affect us?

    4. Why do you think some jobs that Saramma’s Nani did during her childhood is not required to be done anymore by Saramma?
    5. Name three national sports icons of India and briefly mention their achievements.

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