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Sample Paper



Level: 02

Subject: English

Class 4

Answer all the questions.

Section A

  1. Read the passage and answer the following questions.(1x10=10)

    It was the summer of 1880. A healthy baby girl was born in a small town in Alabama. Her parents loved her dearly and named her Helen Keller. But one day, the baby became ill and day after day, her fever stayed high. Everyone in the family tried to help her to get better, but all they could say was, “There is nothing more we can do. The baby may not live.” Helen lived. But she was not the same after her illness. “Something is very wrong,” her mother said. At last, they found out what was wrong. The child could not see or hear. The baby grew into a little girl. Her parents felt sorry for her. Helen often cried and held on to her mother. “Give the poor child what she wants,” her father would say. Though Helen could not hear or see, she was a bright little girl. Some people thought Helen could not learn anything. Her mother did not agree. .

    1. Who was born in a small town in Alabama? (1)
    2. What was the name of the child? (1)
    3. What did everyone in the family say?(1)
    4. Why was Helen not the same after the illness?(1)
    5. The baby grew into a little girl.(Underline the nouns)(1)
    6. Something is very wrong.(Underline the adverb)(1)
    7. Helen often cried and held on to her mother.(Underline the conjunction in the sentence.)(1)
    8. Give another word from the passage for the given words.(1)
      1. illness
      2. bright
    9. Give antonyms for the words.(1)
      1. small
      2. agree
    10. Identify if the statements are true or false.(1)
      1. The child was born in 1882.
      2. Though she could not hear or talk she was a bright child.
    11. How would you help a deaf or blind person if you ever had a chance to help them?(2)
  2. Read the poem and answer the following questions.(1x6=6)

    “Come in, come in!” Said the library door;

    I opened it wide and saw books galore!

    Tall skinny books up high on the shelves;

    Little fat books That stood by themselves.

    I opened one up and sat down to look;

    The pictures told stories! What a wonderful book!

    1. Who said the words “come in’’? (1)
    2. What did the poet see? (1)
    3. What did the poet do after entering the library? (1)
    4. What type of book did the poet open in the library? (1)
    5. From which line do we come to know how the poet felt about reading books? (1)
    6. Identify two pairs of rhyming words from the poem. (1)
    7. I opened it wide and saw books galore.(Underline the verb in the sentence) (1)

    Section B

  3. Read the passage and answer the following questions.(1X6=6)

    In a village lived two friends –Shiva and Sachin. Shiva was lame and Sachin was blind. They were good neighbours and lived nearby. One day, a hut in the village caught fire. The fire spread all over the village. People began running away. The two friends who were neighbours also wanted to escape, but Shiva could not run but only limp. Sachin could not see and didn’t know where to run. They were sad and afraid. Thinking that they will be dead. Just then Shiva got an idea. He went limping to Sachin’s house and said, ‘If we help each other, we can escape the fire easily’. Sachin liked the idea. He was strong. He quickly took Shiva on his shoulder. Then Shiva began telling him the directions. Soon the friends were out of the burning village safely.

    1. Complete the sentences by choosing the correct option.
      1. The friends were _________.(1)
        1.neighbours 2.limp
        3.blind 4.strong
      2. Sachin was __________.(1)
        1.neighbours 2.limp
        3.blind 4.weak
      3. Shiva was __________.(1) 2.lame
        3.blind 4.strong
      4. They__________.eachother(1)
        1.angry 2.ran
        3.helped 4.escape
      5. They wanted to eascape the __________.(1)
        1.sadness 2.water
    2. Write a suitable title for the passage.(1)

    Section C

  4. Choose the correct answer from the question given below.(1X5=5)
    1. My sister _________to the popular song.(1) 2.dancing
      3.dances 4.danced
    2. We ____________badminton at school.(1) 2.playing
      3.plays 4.played
    3. I want ____________orange(1)
      3.the 4.on
    4. Which is an interrogative sentence?(1)
      1.Close the door. 2.Hurray! Let’s go!
      3.We will clean the school on Sunday. 4.What do you need?
    5. Which is the prefix used for the word ‘healthy’?(1)
      1.dis 2.un
  5. Do as directed.(1X10=10)
    1. The boy ran very fast. (Underline the verb)(1)
    2. The temple is behind the garden. (Underline the preposition)(1)
    3. Shreya and Tanu are best friends. (Underline the conjunction)(1)(1)
    4. We are excited for the trip.(Apply auxiliary ‘were’ or ‘was’ and rewrite the sentence)(1)
    5. My uncle brought me a gift.(Replace the underlined word that has the same meaning)(1)
    6. They had not started the Spanish course yet. (Change into the past perfect tense)(2)
    7. They carefully drove through the narrow lane. (Underline the adverb)(1)
    8. She works in this office. (Identify the tense and change into the simple past tense) (2)

    Section D

  6. Writing Composition(9)
    1. Picture Composition.(3)

      Observe the image and describe it in 40-50 words. Give a suitable title to your composition.

    2. Write a descriptive paragraph of 70-80 words on the below topic.(Any two)(6)(6)
      1. An hour at the railway station.
      2. Save water.
      3. The happiest day of my life.

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