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Sample Paper



Level: 03

Subject: English

Class 4

Answer all the questions.

Section A

  1. Read the passage and answer the following questions.(1×10=10)

    A learned Pundit once visited the court of Akbar. He told the king and his courtiers that he had mastery over many different languages. The Pundit could speak many languages fluently. He was so fluent that no one could find out what his mother tongue was. He challenged everybody at the court to name his mother tongue. When everyone failed, the challenge was taken up by Birbal. That night, Birbal went quietly to the Pundit’s room when he was asleep. He whispered into the Pundit’s ear and tickled it with a feather. The Pundit, half-awake, cried out suddenly and shouted out words in his mother tongue. Birbal came to the court the next day and told everyone that the Pundit’s mother tongue was Telugu. The Pundit was surprised and accepted the truth.

    1. Who visited the court of Akbar? (1)
    2. What did the Pundit inform the king?(1)
    3. What did everyone in the family say?(1)
    4. Who took up the challenge after everyone failed?(1)
    5. What was the Pundit’s mother tongue? How did Birbal find out his mother tongue?(2)
    6. Name your mother tongue? Was it easy or difficult to learn?(1)
    7. Give another word in the passage for ‘yelled.’(1)
    8. Pundit could speak many languages fluently.(Underline the adverb and state its type) (1)
    9. The Pundit was surprised and accepted the truth.(Identify the noun and write their types)
  2. Read the passage and answer the following questions.(1×6=6)

    One day, Michael ran to his mother and told her, “My bicycle is punctured. Mother, what should I do now? How will I go to school?”. His mother responded, “Ok! Don’t worry, you can go by bus. Let me check if we can make it to catch the bus on time. The bus might arrive at 10:00 am in the market area down the lane.” Michael said, “Now I remember that my friend Joy also waits there and boards the bus”. His mother responded, “If so, then you may go with him, but Michael, don’t forget to take your tiffin box.”

    1. Where did the conversation take place? (1)
      1.At the bus stop 2.In the school
      3.In the house 4.In the market
    2. This conversation took place between the __________.(1)
      1.Father and the mother 2.Brother and the sister
      3.Mother and the son 4.Mother and the daughter
    3. This conversation took place ____________.(1) the morning noon night the evening
    4. What was the name of Michael’s friend?(1)
      1.Terry 2.Happy
      3.Joy 4.Kate
    5. Give another word for ‘prepare’.(1)
    6. Give opposite from the passage for the word ‘forget’.(1)

    Section B

  3. Read the poem and answer the following questions.(1×10 = 10)

    Don’t be afraid of the dark, little one,

    The earth must rest when the day is done.

    The sun must be harsh, but moonlight – never!

    And those stars will be shining forever and ever,

    Be friends with the Night, there is nothing to fear, just let your

    thoughts travel to friends far and near.

    By day, it does seem that our troubles won’t cease, but at night, late at

    night, the world is at peace.

    1. Whom does the poet refer to as ‘little one in the poem’?(1)
    2. Who rests when the day is done?(1)
    3. Why does the poet say to make friends with the night?(1)
    4. Explain the line in your own words. “By day, it does seem that our troubles won’t cease, but at night, late at night, the world is at peace.”(2)
    5. If you’re left in the room alone in dark how would you feel?Name the dark places you know?(2)
    6. Give the rhyming words from the poem.(2)
    7. The sun must be harsh, but moonlight – never!(Underline the conjunction)(1)
  4. Do as directed.(1×12=12)
    1. The doctor treated an old patient. (Identify all the nouns)(1)
    2. Our maths teacher gave us all difficult sums.(Identify the adjective)(1)
    3. Rahul and his cousin study together.(Underline compound subject )(1)
    4. I will clean my room tomorrow. (Underline the adverb of time)(1)
    5. I feel very sleepy ___________ yesterday I was working the whole night. (Fill the appropriate conjunction.(1)
    6. Meeta is taller than Sita.(Identify the adjective and change into superlative degree.)(2)
    7. I have watched that show twice. (Change into simple past tense)(2)
    8. I _______ be the next student captain.(Add modal auxiliary of ability and rewrite the sentence.)(2)
    9. She wants to go home. (Change into simple past tense)(2)

    Section C

  5. Picture Composition.(12)
    1. Give a title for each picture.(2)


    2. Give a title for each picture and describe it in your own words.(5)


    3. Write a paragraph of 80-100 words on the given topic. (Any 1)(5)(6)
      1. A day at the beach.
      2. Buying something with my pocket money.
      3. Eating lunch with my friends.

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