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Sample Paper



Level: 04

Subject: English

Class 4

Answer all the questions.

Section A

  1. Read the passage and answer the following questions.(1×10=10)

    Giving them to Nasruddin, he said, “Here, Nasruddin! Take this bow and arrows.” Then pointing towards a target, he said, “Aim at that target and shoot an arrow.” Nasruddin held the bow in his hands, strung it, aimed at the target and shot an arrow. Wh...o...o...o...o... The arrow didn’t hit the target! Instead it fell down somewhere in the middle. “Ha...ha...ha...ha...” His friends started laughing. They said, “Hey, Nasruddin! Is this your best aim?” “Oh, no! Not at all,” said Nasruddin, defending himself. “This wasn’t my aim. It was Azad’s aim. I just showed you how Azad shoots an arrow.” Saying this, Nasruddin picked up another arrow. Once again, he strung the bow, aimed at the target, and shot the arrow. This time, the arrow fell a little further from where it had fallen before.

    1. What did Nasruddin’s friend hand him?(1)
    2. Where did Nasruddin point at?(1)
    3. What happened when Nasruddin tried to hit the first target?(1))
    4. How did his friends react?(1)
    5. How did Nasruddin defend himself when he failed to hit the target? (1)
    6. What happened when he hit the second target? (1)
    7. Which is your favourite game? why is it your favourite game? (2))
    8. He strung the bow, aimed at the target, and shot the arrow.(Underline any two verbs in the sentence.)(2)
    9. Nasruddin held the bow in his hands, strung it, aimed at the target and shot an arrow.(2)
  2. Read the poem and answer the following questions.(1×5=5)

    I looked in the mirror

    and looked at my nose:

    it’s the funniest thing,

    the way it grows

    stuck right out where all of it shows

    with two little holes where the

    breathing goes.

    I looked in the mirror

    and saw in there

    the end of my chin

    and the start of my hair

    and between there

    isn’t much space to spare with my nose,

    like a handle, sticking there.

    1. Where did the poet look into?(1)
    2. What is the funniest thing about the nose?(1)
    3. Where does the breathing go through?(1)
    4. What has the poet compared the nose to?(1)
    5. Why do you think the nose is important to use?(2)

    Section B

  3. Read the poem and answer the following questions.(5×2=10)

    In the winter time we go

    Walking in the fields of snow.

    Where there is no grass at all,

    Where the top of every wall,

    Every fence and every tree,

    Is as white as white can be.

    Pointing out the way we came,

    Everyone of the same,

    All across the fields there be,

    Prints in silver filigree:

    And our mothers always know,

    By the footprints in the snow,

    Where it is the children go.

    1. Where was poet walking?(1)
      1.In the field of flower 2.In the field of grass
      3.In the field of green 4.In the field of snow
    2. What do the words ‘fields of snow’ mean? (1)
      1.Footprint covered fields 2.Snow-growing fields
      3.White flowering fields 4.Snow-covered fields
    3. What has caused the grass to disappear?(1)
      1.Winter 2.Summer
      3.Autumn 4.Snow
    4. Where would you find prints of filigree?(1)
      1.Top of trees 2.On a wall
      3.On some part of the grass 4.Across the fields
  4. Do as directed.(1×10=10)
    1. The rabbit jumped down into the hole. (Underline the adverb and write its type.)(2)
    2. I will be playing at this time tomorrow. (Change into the past continuous tense.)(2)
    3. The gown is too heavy to wear.(Underline the noun and write its types.)(2)
    4. I don’t like dogs, I have three of them.(Add co-ordinating conjunction)(2)
  5. Writing composition(15)
    1. Write a short story is about 50 to 70 words based on the picture given below.Use pronouns like ‘I’, ‘us’, ‘we’, etc.

    2. Look at the picture and write the ending of the story.
    3. Prepare a speech on any one topic
      1. Importance of water
      2. Importance of trees

* you can download question and solution paper

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