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Sample Paper

Level: 02

Subject: EVS

Class 4

Answer all the questions.

  1. Write whether the following sentences are True or False:(1 × 4 = 4)
    1. Animals can survive without trees.
    2. While playing kabaddi, we have to hold our breath and run, saying kabaddi…kabaddi.
    3. Sometimes people like Nandita’s Mama have to vacate their houses and move to other places because new buildings will be constructed in that place.
    4. Pratibha thinks it is fair that her brothers do not have to hurry home when they play while she has to.
  2. Match the following:(1 × 5 = 5)
    Column A Column B
    a) Vallam i) Spoken in Kerala.
    b) Khejadi tree ii) Celebrated in Assam.
    c) Malayali iii) A type of boat.
    d) Bricks iv) Grows in deserts.
    e) Bihu v) Used to construct buildings.
  3. Answer the following questions in one word:(1 × 4 = 4)
    1. Name a special food that is cooked during weddings in north India.
    2. Which bird makes its nest in a hole in a tree trunk?
    3. Where did Manpreeet’s mother bake the chapattis in the Gurudwara?
    4. Do you think that every family treats boys and girls in the same manner? Write Yes or No.
  4. Choose the correct answer:(1 × 4 = 4)
    1. When a person is sent to a new place to resume their duties in their organisation, it is called—
      i) Transfer of job ii) Termination of job
      iii) Joining a new job iv) Promotion in a job
    2. Which of the following tools is used to loosen the soil before sprinkling seeds?
      i) Sickle ii) Spade
      iii) Farmer’s plough iv) All of these
    3. Why did Suguna’s father advise the visitor not to drink water at their home?
      i) The water was pure ii) The water was unclean
      iii) The water was dirty iv) Both ii) and iii)
    4. Write the name of the bank mentioned on Indian currencies.
      i) Bank of America ii) United Bank of India
      iii) Indian Overseas Bank iv) Reserve Bank of India
  5. Pick the odd one out:(1 × 4 = 4)
    1. Rose, grapes, sunflower, jasmine.
    2. Potato, cauliflower, litchi, onion.
    3. Ardaas, dal, chapatti, halwa.
    4. Clove, turmeric, brown rice, cumin.
  6. Answer the following questions in brief:(2 × 10 = 20)
    1. What is shown in the given picture? Why are these structures constructed? (1 + 1)
    2. Why are honeybees seen near flowers?
    3. Mention any two changes when a new baby arrives in a family.
    4. Does a bud transform into a flower or a flower transform into a bud? State reason.
    5. Chetandas says that people from the basti used to clean the toilets and take away the garbage. They were not allowed to enter the house—why were they not allowed to enter the house?
    6. Name some vegetables that you see your local vegetable seller sells in the market.
    7. Write two differences between the house where Nandita was living in Mumbai and the house where Nandita’s Mami used to work.
    8. What is Bihu, and where it is celebrated? What do people do on this day? (1 + 1)
    9. What did Shanta see from the plane?
    10. What was Wahida’s dream, and how she could join the armed force?
  7. Answer the following questions:(3 × 3 = 9)
    1. A revised railway timetable is given below. Carefully check it and answer the following questions— (½ × 6 = 3)
      1. What is the train number of Chennai-Trivandrum Express?
      2. State the revised arrival time of Patna-Ernakulam Express.
      3. Mention the arrival station of Guruvayur-Trivandrum Express.
      4. What is the present arrival time of Nizamuddin-Trivandrum Express?
      5. What is the revised arrival time of 66308 Kollam-Ernakulam MEMU?
      6. Write the train number of Indore-Trivandrum Express.

      See the picture of the rail ticket given below and answer the following questions— (1 + 1 + 1 = 3)


      Write—i) the number of adults travelling,
      ii) the PNR and train number, and
      iii) the berth and the coach numbers.

      b) Why are plant roots not green in colour? Why do plants need water? What happens if we do not water them?(2 + 1)

      c)i) Why do birds make nests?
      ii) Identify the bird given in the picture. What food does this bird eat and how does it collect food? (2)


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