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Sample Paper

Level: 03

Subject: EVS

Class 4

Answer all the questions.

  1. Choose the correct option:(1 × 3 = 3)
    1. Which of the following animal has invisible ears?
      i) Buffalo ii) Rabbit
      iii) Lizard iv) Deer
    2. In which of the following games the centre line is important?
      i) Kabaddi ii) Tennis
      iii) Cricket iv) Both i) and ii)
    3. Which of the following can reflect seven colours?
      i) Prism ii) Cylinder
      iii) Cube iv) Sphere
  2. Answer the following questions in one sentence:(1 × 5 = 5)
    1. Where do a rail line and a road cross each other?
    2. Name a flower that is used to make herbal colours.
    3. Why did people in the past not build toilets inside their houses?
    4. Name a green vegetable that feels slimy when cut.
    5. How is Kadhah Prasad prepared?
  3. Select the correct option from the bracket and complete the following sentences:(1 × 3 = 3)
    1. Honeybees lay their eggs from ____________ (January to March / October to December).
    2. ____________ (Tomato / Potato) is a vegetable that spoils quickly.
    3. Drinking impure water can cause ____________ (malaria / vomiting and diarrhoea).
  4. Match the following:(1 × 5 = 5)
    Column A Column B
    a) Nails i) A type of fabric made in Telangana, India.
    b) Bhela Ghar ii) A body part that grows.
    c) Pochampalli ikat iii) A community hall made during Bihu.
    d) Gulf countries iv) A spice that originates from Kashmir.
    e) Saffron v) Petrol is cheaper than water.
  5. Answer the following questions in brief:(2 × 11 = 22)
    1. Do male elephants live in herds? Who is the head of the elephant herd? Write two characteristic features of an elephant herd. (½ + ½ + 1)
    2. Who are the Bishnois, and how they cared about their environment?
    3. What do you mean by ‘promotion’ in a job? Write two causes that force girls to leave school before completing their education. (1 + 1)
    4. Name an Indian female weightlifter. Why were girls discouraged from playing sports in the olden days? (1 + 1)
    5. Instead of using a gas oven, what else we can use to cook food? Name four tools that are used at the construction sites. (1 + 1)
    6. How do human beings pollute river water? Write two effects of river pollution.(1 + 1)
    7. Write the names of two birds and mention the types of feet and their functions.
    8. Draw what a seed looks like after it is soaked in water for a few days and label its parts.
    9. Why did Pilloo Aunty pay the money for seven kulfis? How are important decisions taken in your family? (1 + 1)
    10. Write the values and note numbers of the following currency notes given below.(1 + 1)
    11. Identify the picture below and write its use.
  6. Answer the following questions:(3 × 4 = 12)
    1. Name a vehicle that is used in the deserts. How do you think children living in the mountains reach their school? (1 + 2)
      Why do we use pulleys? If there is no bridge and no boats are available, then how can people cross a deep river? (1 + 2)
    2. i) Name four flowers that are used to make perfumes. (1)
      ii) Why we should not pluck flowers? (1)
      iii) Name two flowers that are edible. (1)
    3. i) Identify the following picture. What is used to make this structure? (½ + ½)

      ii) Give an example of a harvest festival apart from Bihu and mention the name of the state where it is celebrated. (1) iii) What is Uruka? What do the local people do after Uruka? (½ + ½)
    4. i) Which state of India is called the ‘Spice Garden of India’ and why? (1)
      ii) What is garam masala, and what spices are used to make it? (1)
      iii) Write the names of two leaves that are used as spices in Indian cuisine. (1)
      Write the names of the following spices and write two food items for each, in which they are used for enhancing the taste.
      i) Nature-1
      ii) Nature-1
      iii) Nature-1
      iv) Nature-1
      v) Nature-1
      vi) Nature-1

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