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Sample Paper



Level: 01

Subject: English

Class 5

Answer all the questions.

Section A

  1. Identify the adjectives in the sentences. (1X5=5)
    1. The road towards the mountain peak seemed to be dangerous.
    2. I was amazed to see the beautiful scenery.
    3. All the oranges in the basket were juicy.
    4. Aryan was very kind towards the animals.
    5. Avinash is a successful businessman.
  2. Identify the verbs in the sentences and add 'er'with them to make new words.(1X5=5)
    1. You can learn classical music next winter.
    2. I report to my manager directly.
    3. Let us play cricket today.
    4. I would advise you to stay calm.
    5. They perform their tasks perfectly.
  3. Identify the common noun in the sentence given below: (1X5=5)
    1. The boys went to school in the morning.
    2. I like to fly a kite.
    3. Rohit has bought a new car.
    4. She broke my pen and pencil.
    5. This city is prospering very fast.
  4. Do as directed:(1X6=6)
    1. I don’t know _________ he will come back. (Complete with a ‘wh’ word)
    2. Sudhir was present there _______ nobody noticed him. (Complete with a conjunction)
    3. He will wait for me. (Change from declarative to interrogative)
    4. Have you got a seat? (Change from interrogative to declarative)
    5. Asima is more intelligent than any other student in the class (Change into the superlative degree)
    6. I was ill. I could not attend the event. (Use a coordinating conjunction to join the sentences)
  5. Change the following sentences from the past tense to the present tense.(1X5=5)
    1. Rukmini had a big teddy.
    2. Sukanya went to the gym.
    3. Rohit is a mischievous boy.
    4. I was selected for the team.
    5. Yuvika did a brilliant job.

Section B

  1. Read the excerpt of the poem and answer the following questions: (6)

    Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry,

    Or chilly things to drink

    From bottles full of frosty-fizz,

    Green, orange, white, or pink.

    His cart might be a flower bed,

    Of roses and sweet peas,

    The way the children cluster round

    As thick as honeybees.

    1. What were the different types of flavours mentioned in the poem?(1)
    2. What were the bottles filled with?(1)
    3. How do the children cluster around?(1))
    4. What comparison is made with the ice cream- cart? (1)
    5. Give two pairs of rhyming words from the poem.(1)
  2. Read the passage and answer the questions given below.(12)

    Roshan was a poor carpenter who stayed in a village named Dhanawar. He was poor, but he was an honest man. One day, he was given an important task by the merchant, Sitaram. Sitaram gave him the task to make a big cupboard on the wall. He also promised him that he would pay him more than enough for this important task. Roshan was delighted, and he started his work. While making the cupboard, he noticed that there was a box of jewellery hidden in the wall. The merchant had forgotten to remove that since he had stayed outside the bungalow for a long time. Roshan kept the box with himself carefully and completed his work before meeting the merchant. The day when the merchant came to the bungalow, he showed his work and also remembered to hand over the jewellery box to him. The merchant became very impressed with his honesty and paid him double of what was promised. The surprised Roshan asked Sitaram, “Sir, you have paid extra money by mistake”. With a smile, Sitaram said “The extra isn’t a mistake; it’s the reward of your honesty.”

    1. Who was Roshan, and where did he live? (2)
    2. What do you know about Roshan’s nature? (1)
    3. What was the important task did he get? (1)
    4. What did Roshan notice while working on his big project and what did he do with that? (2)
    5. What was the reaction of Sitaram when he saw Roshan’s work, and how did he reward him for it? (2)
    6. Find antonyms of the following words from the passage forgotten, dishonesty. (2)
    7. Find synonyms of the following words from the passage: (1)
      1. happy
      2. ended
    8. Identify the modal auxiliary in the sentences below and state their purpose. (2)
      1. She can drive the car.
      2. It may rain tonight

Section C

  1. Write a composition on the following topics in about 100 – 150 words (2X3=6)
    1. Write about a picnic you went to on a hot summer day.
    2. Write a short paragraph on ‘yourself’.

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