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Sample Paper



Level: 02

Subject: English

Class 5

Answer all the questions.

Section A

  1. Find collective and abstract nouns in each sentence.(1X4=4)
    1. The crowd broke into laughter on hearing the joke.
    2. The team has played with their full strength.
    3. It was a beauty to watch the flight of birds in the sky.
    4. The library of books is a rich source of knowledge.
  2. Identify the modal auxiliaries in the sentences. (1/2×4=2)
    1. Prerna can drive the car.
    2. Animesh would love to join us.
    3. One should save money for the future.
    4. They may return very soon.
  3. Find out the prepositions in the following sentences:(1/2×4=2)
    1. Raghu was walking along the main road to reach his destination.
    2. Aditi went up the hill faster than anybody in the team.
    3. We need some time to practise.
    4. The last bus had left for Delhi at 8pm.
  4. Identify the types of sentences: (1X4=4)
    1. Where are you coming from?
    2. She is a wonderful cook.
    3. What a fantastic snap!
    4. I don't think he will agree to our proposal.
  5. Fill in the blanks with for/since: (1/2×4=2)
    1. She has stayed in Mumbai ______ four years.
    2. I have been waiting for you _______ morning.
    3. The company is running its business ______ 1960.
    4. Wait ____ three more days.
  6. Identify the tense in the following sentences:(1/2×4=2)
    1. He slept before 9pm yesterday.
    2. Rashmi was cooking when we arrived.
    3. I had followed all the instructions before making the booking.
    4. They will arrange for the dinner tonight.
  7. Pick out the adverb and state their type:(1x3=3)
    1. I saw the children playing joyfully.
    2. She arrived late to school.
    3. Can you sit here for a while?

    Section B

  8. Read the passage and answer the following questions below:(10)

    MUNNA: Oh Bhaiya, there is a big mela in the village today. Should we go?
    BHAIYA: Have you ever seen me going to a fair or going to watch a cricket or hockey match? I don’t go near them. I prefer to study a book. I don’t mind repeating a class for more than two years. But you might stay in the same class all your life. Do you expect to pass if you waste your time playing all the time? You are simply wasting father’s hard earned money. (Munna starts crying on being scolded and sobbing sounds wah, wah, bah, bah, hu, hu,are heard)

    MUNNA: Bhaiya, I feel like running away and going back home.

    BHAIYA: Now, now! Stop crying. Put on a nice smile.Look I will make a timetable for you to follow.Get up at dawn.

    MUNNA: But when is the time to play?

    BHAIYA: Play? What is the need, Munna?

    MUNNA: Oh! I love the green fields, the gentle breeze, I want to jump up like a football, I like the touch and go and sounds of the and the hurry and flurry of volleyball pulls me like a magnet. As soon as I am on the field, I forget everything.

    1. What will happen, according to Bhaiya, if Munna is going towaste his time in playing? (1)
    2. What was the reason behind Munna’s crying? (1)
    3. Describe Munna and what did he like? (2)
    4. What did Bhaiyaa say when Munna started to cry? (2)
    5. Why does Munna like to play? (2)
    6. Write down the antonyms of the following from the passage. (1)
      1. waste
      2. pass
    7. Join the two sentences with a conjunction (because, as, so): She was ill. She couldn’t come. (1)
  9. Read the passage given below and answer the following questions:(8)

    Once there was a poor man named Nasser who lived in a village called Anantpur. He was very helpful in nature. He had only one problem in his nature; that was his anger. Sometimes he used to become so angry that he would shout loudly or beat anyone. That’s why in spite of his kind nature people used to stay away from him.

    One day a monk visited the village, and everybody went to the monk with food like rice, fruits etc., whatever they can contribute and get some advice of wisdom in return. Nasser also went there but seeing him, the crowd dispersed, and everybody went away. Seeing this, the monk smiled and called him near the tree where he was sitting. As Nasser approached, the monk asked him, ‘Why are you, sad young man?’ Nasser told his story of how he had been deserted by the people of the village. Listening to this story, the monk said, ‘Well, that’s alright, tell me what have you got for me today?’ Listening to this,Nasser felt embarrassed and raised his empty hand. The monk said, ‘I don’t need any expensive gift that you can’t afford, but you have to promise me that once given, you cannot claim that back’. Hearing this, Nasser was relieved yet surprised, wondering what he could give to this wise man. The monk said, ‘Give me your anger; from today, you will have no right on your anger once you give it to me. You can never be angry again.’ Nasser thought for a while and decided he must keep his promise, took blessings from the monk and left.

    It was very difficult for Nasser to keep his promise, but he was a determined person, and gradually, everything started to become positive in his life.

    1. Who was Nasser and where did he live? (2)
    2. What was the name of the village where he lived? (1)
    3. What had the villagers got for the monk? What did the monk ask from Nasser? (2)
    4. Provide a suitable title for the passage. (1)
    5. Find synonyms from the passage for the words: hard,vacant(2)
  10. Change the degree of adjective in the following sentences:(1X3=3)
    1. Anuradha is the best student in the class. (Use comparative)
    2. Potato is cheaper than any other vegetable in the market. (Use superlative)
    3. Diamond is the most precious gemstone.(Use positive degree)

    Section C

  11. Answer the following questions: (6)
    1. Describe the picture given below within 50 words :(2)
      • Which place is seen the picture?
      • How many people do you see?
      • What are they doing?
      • What is each one doing?
    2. Write a letter to your friend on your favourite subject.(4)

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