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10 Genius Pranks For April Fool’s Day Your Kids Will Totally Fall For!


Indrani Raha


Parents Corner




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1st of April is here, and today is the perfect time to lighten the mood with some harmless yet hilarious pranks for April fool’s day for kids. With everyone still at home post lockdown, this is definitely going to be the most suitable year to turn such a day into a family affair. Remember, this day lasts for 24 hours. So from the minute, your kids wake up until they crawl back into bed, they will be unaware of the next joke coming to me. There’s nothing called satisfaction unless you go through prep work which is sure to double the fun of any good April Fools’ Day joke. Obviously – in this uncertain time- we want to stay away from any pranks that hurt our kids. So whether they are the ones pulling the pranks or they are on the receiving end, these April fool’s day jokes are silly and fun and will have everyone giggling. We surveyed and found that the very best pranks are also the simplest. And so here, we run down super genius ways to show kids that we still have the upper hand. So here’s a quick run-through!

10 pranks for April Fool’s Day

  1. Juice Joke

Your kid craves juice every morning? Then this is a must-try. You will need one box of red Jell-o,  water, clear glasses or plastic cups, straws, and a large bowl to prepare this. Start by preparing the Jell-o according to the package’s instructions. If you want, you can have a cherry Jell-o that requires 4 cups of water.  As red is mostly believed as juice, you can easily choose this color. There are lots of box sizes, so be sure to follow the box’s instructions! Next, pour the Jell-o mixture into each clear cup, place a straw in each one and refrigerate for 4-6 hours. Choose how you want to prank your champ. If he is a juice lover, he will definitely try taking a drink of this juice and Boom! He finds out it’s Jell-O. 

  1. Bugs in Ice

This old but goodie prank is easy to make at home with this tip. Add boiling water to the ice cube trays and toss in a few plastic bugs. Always remember that the hotter the water, the more clear the ice will be when frozen.

  1. Make a move while they sleep

This prank for April Fool’s day is perfect for kids who are heavy sleepers—wondering what to do? Well, sneak in during the night and shuffle their furniture around. If possible, change out their comforter—or even swap them from one bed to another. Wait and watch. They will wake up wondering what exactly happened while they were sleeping!

  1. Turn their milk blue

Are your kids Star Wars fans? Then this is one of the most playful April fool’s day pranks we have got for your kids. Tell your kids that you got them some extra-special milk direct from Tatooine! We bet this is a damn easy and smart prank for April Fool’s day for kids. It’s, in fact, perfect for those who drink milk or eat cereal every morning. All you need to do is simply put a few drops of blue food coloring into a milk carton, shake it up, and then pour it.

  1. Toothpaste switcheroo

Surprise them with a little toothpaste switcheroo and make pranks for April Fool’s day. Wondering how to start? It’s that easy! After breakfast, you just have to hand over their toothbrush-but instead of the usual toothpaste, make sure you opt for something creamy and sweet. Umm! Cream cheese frosting will do the trick. I am sure!

  1. Veggie Chips 

This prank for April fool’s day is going to be super awesome if your child loves Chips and kurkure! Carefully open the bottom of the chips packet, take out all the chips, and replace them with cucumber slices or pepper strips. Reseal the bottom of the pack with double-sided tape. Then what else? Wait and watch. Your child will be surprised to find veggies instead of chips in the packet at snack or lunchtime.

  1. Bathtime Hoax

We bet your child will love it. Use a Q-tip to put food coloring around the inside of the tap in the sink. When the water is turned on, all they will come across is colored water! No need to use red color because today is April Fools’ and not Halloween, after all. 

  1. Sugary Cereal Psych-Out 

Is there any artificial-color-laden breakfast cereal your child has been coveting all this while? Then this trick is a must. Buy a container and open it, set aside the sweet cereal on a shelf out of sight, and fill the container with styrofoam packing peanuts instead. Set it out for breakfast with an empty bowl and a glass of milk. Curb ensued dismay by offering up the stashed cereal as a special treat after.

  1. Share some “Brown Es”

Okay, so don’t go by the literal meaning of brownies! Think it in the other way! Cut different “Es” out of brown construction paper, put them in a pan, and cover it with foil. Surprise your kids by telling them that you made a batch of “yummilicious brownies” for them, and watch as they get tricked when they open it.

  1. Pillow prank

Just when they thought pranks for April fool’s day was all over, here’s one last minute April fool prank for kids to offer. Remove their favorite cushions or pillows and fill those with several partially inflated balloons. So that when they take those for bed at night, they will realize you got the last April fool’s laugh. Do you have younger children? Then you must take the balloons out of their room before they drift out of sleep, with a smile on their faces.


So parents, what are you waiting for? Jump in, and let’s prank our kids on April fool’s day.

We are all excited to know the reactions your kids made to these pranks. Parents, please don’t forget to drop your side of the story in our comments section below!

Above all…Do have fun!

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