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School Admission Age Calculator

A school-age calculator calculates the age when a child is eligible for formal schooling. The school-age calculator explains the ideal age for your child to start school and assists in your understanding of the calendar for the subsequent years.

Child starts school in
Class 1
Class 2
How to Use a School Age Calculator?
  1. Enter the location and the Date of Birth of the child.
  2. The calculator will give you the result when the child should start school and in which year he/she will pass the 12th class.
  3. The calculator will also give you detailed information about the school stage, grade level, and year of entry.
Benefits of Using School Age Calculator
  1. It helps you calculate the year your child will finish schooling or any other courses.
  2. You will also know the appropriate age for a child to begin the academic year from it.
  3. It will also assist you in determining the precise academic years and levels of your child.
School Age Requirement
School Stage Grade Level Year
Preschool Upper Kindergarten 2021
Lower Primary Class 12022
Lower Primary Class 22023
Lower Primary Class 32024
Lower Primary Class 42025
Upper Primary Class 52026
Upper Primary Class 62027
Upper Primary Class 72028
Secondary Class 82029
Secondary Class 92030
Secondary Class 102031
Higher Secondary Class 112032
Higher Secondary Class 122033


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