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Wavelength Calculator

Formula: Wavelength(λ) = Velocity(v) / Frequency(ƒ)

Default value of Speed of the Light in vacuum/air, Velocity(v) = 108 x 3

A wavelength calculator is an online tool that helps to find the wavelength of a given frequency and velocity. It quickly calculates the relationship between wavelength and frequency.

1. What is Wavelength?

The distance between two waves can be referred to as wavelength. It can be calculated as the distance between two points of a wave.

wavelength calculator

2. What is the Formula for Calculating Wavelength?

The formula for calculating wavelength is mentioned below: Wavelength(λ) = Velocity(v) / Frequency(ƒ)
Here, the symbol λ means wavelength in meters (m), v means velocity in meters per second (m/s), and f means frequency which is represented in hertz (Hz).

3. How to Calculate Wavelength?

To calculate the wavelength, you need the frequency and velocity of the wave.
Step 1: Take the formula for calculating the wavelength.
Step 2: Place the wavelength values, i.e. frequency and velocity, in the wavelength equation λ = v/f.
Step 3: Lastly, calculate the result.
Frequency = 120 Hz, velocity = 20,000 m/s, find the wavelength.
λ = 20,000/120
λ = 166.66 m.
The wavelength is 166.66 m.

4. How to Use the Wavelength Calculator?

The way to use the wavelength calculator is described below:
Step 1: Write the velocity or frequency in the given space.
Step 2: Click on the “Calculate” option to get the result.
Step 3: You can see the result on the screen.


To calculate the wavelength from frequency, you need to divide the velocity by the frequency.
Find out the wavelength of a wave with a velocity of 40 m/s and a frequency of 12 kHz.
λ = v/f
λ = 40/12
λ = 3.33 m.

The wavelength of a wave can be calculated by dividing the speed of the wave by its frequency. Frequency can be referred to the time taken by a complete wave to cross the same point.

Wavelength and frequency are inversely proportional to each other. If a wavelength is more, the frequency is less, and vice versa.

The symbol λ is lambda which is a Greek letter. This symbol denotes wavelength.

Yes, if the frequency of a wave is higher, the wavelength will be shorter, and shorter frequencies mean longer wavelength.