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NCERT Class 7 English Unit 8 Poem Meadow Surprises

In this chapter, students are introduced to the captivating poem "Meadow Surprises." This poem beautifully captures the enchanting qualities of a meadow, painting a vivid picture of nature's wonders. The poem celebrates the meadow's ability to delight and astonish those who visit it. It describes the meadow as a place where velvet grass carpets the ground, and where butterflies flutter about in colorful splendor. The meadow is home to rabbits and dandelions, and it conceals hidden treasures like burrows and nests. It even features mounds that seem to rise mysteriously. Each element of the meadow holds its own surprise, creating a sense of wonder and enchantment.

Working with the Poem

Question 1 :

Which line in the poem suggests that you need a keen eye and a sharp ear to enjoy a meadow? Read aloud the stanza that contains this line.


Answer :

The line that suggests that you need a keen eye and a sharp ear to enjoy a meadow is:

“You may discover these yourself, if you look and listen well.”


Question 2 :

Find pictures of the kinds of birds, insects and scenes mentioned in the poem.


Answer :

: Do it yourself.


Question 3 :

Watch a tree or a plant, or walk across a field or park at the same time every day for a week. Keep a diary of what you see and hear. At the end of the week, write a short paragraph or a poem about your experiences. Put your writing up on the class bulletin board.


Answer :

 Do it yourself.


Question 4 :

Read the following poem about the world of nature, which is as busy as the world of human beings.

Busy World

Bees are buzzing, frogs are hopping,

Moles are digging. There’s no stopping

Vines from climbing, grass from growing,

Birds from singing, winds from blowing,

Buds from blooming. Bees are humming,

Sunbeams dancing, raindrops drumming.

All the world is whirling, dizzy,

Summertime is very busy!


Answer :

Do it yourself.


Question 5 :

Read the lines in which the following phrases occur. Then discuss with your partner the meaning of each phrase in its context.

(i) velvet grass

(ii) drinking straws

(iii) meadow houses

(iv) amazing mound

(v) fuzzy head


Answer :

(i) velvet grass indicates that the grass is as soft as velvet.

(ii) drinking straws means the butterflies which drink the nectar from the flowers seem as if they are drinking it with straws.

(iii) meadow houses refer to the houses of rabbits, i.e. the burrows of ants, i.e. anthills and nests.

(iv) amazing mound means the mounds created by the ants for dwelling.

(v) fuzzy head indicates the flowers of the dandelion, which now floats in the air when we blow it.


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