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EVS Class 3 NCERT Solutions, Chapter-18: A House Like This

Class 3 EVS Chapter 18 entirely focuses on the diversity in the houses seen across our country, such as houses in hilly regions, houses in areas receiving high rainfall, houseboats, mud houses, and multi-storeyed buildings. The text in the CBSE Class 3 EVS Chapter 18 also gives a preliminary idea regarding the materials required for building a house. The NCERT textbook (Looking Around) questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity. Download Chapter 18 A House Like This! in the PDF format for free.

Download the NCERT Solutions for A House Like This in PDF

A House Like This!

Question 1 :

Look at the pictures and match.

Answer :

Question 2 :

Put a ‘✔’ on the names of things which your house is made of.

Answer :

Question 3 :

How does one enter these houses?

Answer :

A wooden ladder is used to enter these houses.

Question 4 :

Collect or draw pictures of different kinds of houses. Use these to make a beautiful chart. Display it in your classroom.

Answer :

Question 5 :

Why are houses made on bamboo pillars where Bhupen lives?

Answer :

Bhupen is from a village in Assam where it rains heavily. The houses are built at about ten to twelve feet high to prevent water from getting inside the houses. So, the houses are made on strong bamboo pillars. Bamboo is also readily available in those regions.

Question 6 :

What kind of roofs do these houses have? Why are they made like this?

Answer :

These houses have roofs made of dry hay. As it rains very heavily in those areas, the roofs are slanting so rainwater does not stay on the roof and flows down immediately. As a result, the ceiling and interior of the house do not get damaged.

Question 7 :

At night the ladder is removed from these houses. Can you tell why?

Answer :

The ladder is removed from the houses to avoid the entry of wild animals inside the houses.

Question 8 :

In which area is Chameli’s house?

Answer :

Chameli lives in the hilly area of Manali, where it snows heavily.

Question 9 :

What is the similarity in the roofs of Chameli’s and Bhupen’s houses?

Answer :

Both Chameli’s and Bhupen’s houses are mostly made up of wood, and the roofs are slanting, which prevents water seepage in the place.

Question 10 :

How do roofs help in their areas?

Answer :

Bhupen and Chameli live in areas that receive heavy rainfall and snowfall. So, in such houses there are slanting roofs that do not allow rainwater or snow to accumulate and prevent the houses from getting damaged.

Question 11 :

Look at these houses and find out if there are similar houses in your area also.

Answer :

Yes, there are some huts, small houses, and multi-storeyed buildings in my area.
[Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

Question 12 :

How do people go up in multi-storeyed buildings?

Answer :

In multi-storied buildings, there are staircases and elevators for people to go up.

Question 13 :

How is a houseboat different from other houses?

Answer :

Houseboat floats on water whereas other houses are fixed on the ground. A houseboat can be used to travel within a waterbody whereas other houses are used only for staying.

Question 14 :

Would you like to live in such a house? Why?

Answer :

Yes, I would like to live in a houseboat to see the mountains and enjoy the sunrise and sunset. I will also be able to move from one place to another.
[Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

Question 15 :

 Look at the houses in your neighbourhood. What are they made of? Make a list. __________, ______________, ____________, __________.

Answer :

In my neighbourhood, the houses are made up of cement, bricks, glass, and stones. There are also a few houses which are made of wood, mud, and grass.
[Students should mention their experience based on the above lines.]

Question 16 :

 Collect samples of things that are used for making houses.

Answer :

Some common things used for making houses are bricks, cement, sand, stone chips, wooden planks, etc.

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