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Equipped with modern infrastructures like Digi-boards, Science Lab, Robotics Lab.

Our campuses are facilitated by the world-class infrastructure for academic and co-curricular activities. Our aesthetically and ergonomically designed classrooms make learning easier by removing physical hindrances and ensure that students are focused on learning.

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Welcome to Orchids The International School

We enable every child to explore new ideas and learn through hands-on experiences. The campuses also offer facilities like swimming pools, skating rinks and play areas that extend learning beyond classrooms.


  • Science Labs:
    Since we highly emphasize on practical learning, our science labs are equipped with instruments of the latest technology. Expert lab assistants are present throughout laboratory sessions to provide guidance and ensure safety.
  • Computer Labs:
    The student computer labs are equipped with systems of latest configurations and high-speed internet easily accessible by students for regular classwork and individual projects. They are guided by teachers with great expertise to provide support and solve all their queries.  

Sports Area:

    • Skating Rinks
      Outdoor Skating rinks allow students with a few minutes of unwinding each week. Skating enhances focus, flexibility and is beneficial in many other ways.
    • Basketball Courts
      At ORCHIDS, we promote every sport and encourage all our students to take part in them. Our basketball courts are perfect and complemented with professional guidance bringing the opportunities right at the doorstep of the students.
    • Playgrounds
      Our branches have spacious playgrounds suitable for all kind of games and sports activities like football, dodgeball, athletic events etc. We encourage a variety of sports allowing the students to explore and excel in whichever they like.
    • Archery
      Though historically archery has been used for hunting and combat, in modern times it has evolved as a competitive sport. We have incorporated archery as an extra-curricular activity as it improves focus and hand-eye coordination. We continuously strive to provide our students with as many opportunities as we can.
    • Swimming pools
      We have incorporated excellent swimming pools to complement pool/water activities for the physical development of the students. These facilities are well-maintained and assisted by swimming experts to ensure students safety and uninterrupted fun.

Classrooms: At ORCHIDS, we offer the best-in-class infrastructure, incorporating the latest technology. All our classrooms are ‘Smart-classes’ equipped with digiboards to enhance classroom learning through advanced methods.

    • Music rooms
      Our music rooms are decked up with a variety of musical instruments which are accessible by all our students. Orchids collaborates with Furtados School of Music and conduct musical showcase events and competitions, providing a platform for the students to express and enhance their talent.
    • Dance room
      At ORCHIDS, we have designated dance rooms and dance teachers to guide the students through the amazing art form of dance. We have various talent events throughout the year that allow our students to explore their interests and also brings them an opportunity to take their interests to a next level.
    • Theatre room
      To master the art of expression, building self-confidence, communication and body language,our theatre rooms are facilitated with world class infrastructure and highly qualified  professionals to guide our students through our creative theatre curriculum.
    • Front desk
      We welcome all inquiries and are more than happy to guide the parents through our curriculum and infrastructure, which is why our Front desk takes full charge of making sure no doubts remain unclear.
    • Hygienic Washrooms
      Approximately 30% of a child’s day is spent in a school which is why we emphasize every fundamental necessity. Hygiene is an alarming concern today and we make sure it is looked after. We have well built, regularly sanitized washrooms with a highly helpful ground staff.
    • Counsellor’s room
      The Counsellor’s room provides our students with the needful psychological counselling throughout their academic term. It is an open space for our children to communicate and open up about any issues that they are facing. Through our highly professional counseling staff, we facilitate our students with the best help we can provide them to overcome any issue that they face.
    • Infirmary
      Our first priority is the good health of our ORCHIDIANS. We have established infirmaries in each branch in case of any emergency or urgent need. The infirmaries are facilitated with all the necessary medicines and equipments at the time of precautions. Our kids can feel safe and always has a place to lie down in case of any sickness.

Library: Our campuses include state-of-the-art libraries and digital libraries stocked with a variety of books offering a myriad of knowledge. Special libraries designated to primary and pre-primary students have also been provided.

Canteen: The school canteen offers a variety of delicious and high nutrient food. Fast food is strictly prohibited as per our Health and Nutrition Program. Our kitchens are well-maintained in terms of hygiene and safety, delivering fresh meals everyday made of quality ingredients.

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