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Creative Ways to Encourage your Child to be More Creative through Arts and Crafts








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Children, by nature, are very innovative and have great imaginations through art and craft. They usually have a few tricks up their sleeves every time they are given a job. While all children are different and have different abilities, their creativity seems to be in the same ballpark.

Contrary to popular belief, creativity is an inborn talent where the child already has it. All you need to do as parents is to polish it. It is more than just a skill, and when given the correct facilities by parents and teachers, any child is highly talented.

If you think your child does not have enough talent or is not creative, give them art and crafts, and you may just be surprised by what they come up with. Their ideas will be so futuristic that you might even say, “Why didn’t I think of that.”


6 creative activities for preschoolers

Here Are a Few Easy Ways to Help Your Child Express Their Creativity

Encourage Them to Question Things Through Arts and Crafts

This is one of the easiest and quickest ways of helping your child think creatively. When they question the things that surround them, they develop a sense of wonder. The next time you are enjoying quality time together, ask them simple questions like, “Why is the sky blue?” Or why the ocean has waves and lakes and ponds don’t? Or why does their toy fall on the floor. You will be surprised by the answers you get. After you have heard what they have to say, you can explain the real reason and feed their curiosity. This also enhances their imaginative skills and instils in them better problem-solving abilities.

Give Them an Outlet for Their Intelligence.

Each child has a different kind of intelligence; these skills can also be developed over time, even if they do not necessarily exhibit these characteristics. Parents may find it challenging to recognize the natural inclinations of their children. Giving them multiple opportunities to express this intelligence will help a parent realize what the child does best. This will help them understand better what art and craft he or she is inclined towards.

Teach the Child Many Different Ways of Solving Problems 

Regardless of if you put a math problem or an emotional problem in front of them, they should be equipped to understand and solve the problem in multiple ways. Parents and guardians can help give children numerous different perspectives to look at everything around them.

Inculcate Curiosity Through Arts and Crafts

Most children are born curious and want to know about their surroundings. When parents and teachers give the child exciting answers to their questions, they will further their curiosity in the right direction. Children can be exposed to the culture, arts, and literature of a particular country while explaining the hidden meaning and implications of the same. Talking to them about important issues such as climate change and how it affects humans and animals alike can help get the child involved in such matters and steer them towards what is right.

Give Them Activity Boxes – Yes the Arts and Crafts Boxes

A kid’s creativity depends on how far outside the box they can think. This also depends on their thinking beyond the obvious use of the items or arts and crafts given to them. Some peaceful time away from screens and gadgets is ideal when you want your child to think creatively. Activity boxes of arts and crafts can help parents get multiple ideas for creativity in their children. These boxes engage the child in creative games and activities that develop their skills like coordination, self-expression, fine motor skills, etc.

Encourage Reading for Pleasure.

Today’s children spend too much time in front of a TV or with a screen in their hand. This doesn’t leave much time for them to have creative hobbies. Getting your child to engage in something like reading can help them promote creativity. Reading helps the child understand and express themselves better; they even develop skills like logical thinking and the ability to focus on learning new things. Taking them with you to visit a library or discussing your favourite book with them can increase their interest in reading.

Time and Space is Their Best Friend.

There is a systematic way of building any skill. Giving your child free time and enough space to explore their imagination without restrictions will be of great help in the long run. Let them spend a few hours at home aimlessly doing their own thing and let their imaginations run wild in whatever they do.

Do Not Reward Your Child for Exhibiting Creativity. 

This may seem against natural instinct, but contrary to popular belief, this can hinder their creative process. It could result in the reduction of the quality and flexibility of their thoughts as they will be in a hurry to finish the task to get the reward. This allows their children to master their creative activities when they are self-motivated to complete the job.

Show your own creativity through Arts and crafts

Children are known to repeat what they see; they will learn to be creative if you actively explore your creativity through arts and crafts. If you make something and show them, you would demonstrate how to be creative and multiple ways of being creative. It does not need to be very elaborate, even if you just grow a plant or rearrange the furniture. You can also involve the children in the creative process.

Role Play Through Arts and Crafts for Kids

Playing role-playing games through arts and crafts with your child is an excellent way of nurturing their creativity and igniting their imagination. Not only are these games uber fun, but there is no end to how creative the child can be. 

It is incredible how simple things like role-playing and asking questions can nurture creativity in a child. Still, at the end of the day, this ability will help them grow as individuals and succeed in whichever venture they choose.


Often, seeing talented and creative people in action can inspire your kid’s interest and pursuit, in particular in art and craft activity.

Creativity in children through arts and crafts is essential to their development because it encourages them to try new things out, take pride in their achievements, and think outside the box. The growth of children’s minds is significant, and creativity is essential in achieving this!

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