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5 Common Parenting Issues All The Parents Go Through




Parents Corner




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Parenting is the process of raising a child and developing emotional, cognitive, and motor skills in them. Although it has been a wonderful experience for many, in the 21st century, most of the parents come up with lots of issues while parenting. It’s often seen as an intimidating task by many.

Parenting Issues

parenting mistakes

Although we know that there is no right way to raise a child, parents devise their unique ideas and ways of raising their children, parenting challenges and parenting issues are still common. There is pressure on parents to raise a child who is well-mannered and well-nourished. The definition of a good child has changed over the decade.

Parenting challenges prevail in the 21st century because of our rapidly changing lifestyle. Gone are the days when men solely worked, and women managed the household chores and took full responsibility for raising their children. Now, both the parents are working and need to do all the tasks together to make time for their children and themselves. Failing to give proper attention to kids has its dire consequences.

mother struggling with the kids

Therefore, maintaining between their work and parenting responsibility is a cumbersome task for parents.  Several questions arise in the minds of parents. As a result, parents feel more stressed.

Therefore, maintaining between their work and parenting responsibility is a cumbersome task for parents.  Several questions arise in the minds of parents. As a result, parents feel more stressed. To manage everything effectively, parents must understand the requirement of their children and also dig deeper into the intricateness and the changing environment for effective parenting.

Most Common Parenting Issues for Today’s Parents

Parents usually find it challenging to opt for the right direction to raise their children with – no muss, no fuss. There are myriad challenges that parents encounter while emphasizing the kids, but here we’ve got the most common challenges for today’s parents for your better understanding.

Time Constraint

One of the very crucial parenting challenges in the 21st century is time constraints. Parents are surrounded by a lot of tasks- office work, household work, personal tasks, and Kids’ school homework. They need to discharge their duties, and alongside, they take care of their kids as well and reserve some time for themselves to relax and reduce their stress. But, they just have 24 hours at disposal, and they need to manage everything in this time frame without any haphazardness. This sometimes becomes next to impossible for them.

family time is very important

Children Don’t Feel Connected To Their Parents

Children at any age demand personal and undivided attention. Suppose they don’t get the desired attention or they feel that they are not getting proper attention. In that case, they may feel that they are being ignored and fall prey to various psychological problems like low self-esteem, inferiority complex, etc.

 Therefore, parents must take out time for their kids from their busy routines at any cost. If they cannot do it due to their tight schedules, they must explain this to their kids and engage them in activities so they remain busy, and parents can complete their tasks on time. Parents can also teach their kids to be self-reliant to manage simple tasks when parents are not around them.

a good parenting tip is to avoid using phone when the child is around

This parenting issues for working parents is important because it can have adverse consequences. Parents must manage to reserve some time for their kids and create a strong bond with their children from early life stages. Parents must keep proper information about their children’s friends and their whereabouts to protect their children from bad influence.

Creating Work-Life Balance

Another parenting challenge for today’s parents Is to maintain a balance between their personal life and professional life. Due to this challenge of parenting in the 21st century, parents lose their calm when they cannot balance their lives. Parents often feel that while giving attention to one task, they are not giving proper attention to other tasks and vice-versa. Earlier parents used to get proper support from their near and dear ones. Parents in the 21st century usually are deprived of this support. This also makes them more stressed.

mother and child sitting together

What parents can do is that they can allocate proper time to their work and family by proper planning. In this way, they’ll be able to balance work and life efficiently.

Moreover, along with parents, kids have also had a pre-planned schedule including, school, time for self-study, outdoor activities, etc. Therefore, both parties can plan appropriately to reserve time for each other. For example, parents can let their children assist them in cooking, arranging dinner tables, house cleaning tasks, etc.  Parents can help their children with their homework and other activities. In this way, both parties can get to spend time together.

Being Overwhelmed With A Lot Of Information

Information is just one click away from us. This has become another parenting challenge in the 21st century. Parents are educated, aware, and loaded with too much information. Perhaps, now they have information that is more than enough. There are many creative ways of raising children. However, we know that the right way of raising children is not specified. But parents are overwhelmed with a lot of suggestions, information from their friends, family, and neighbors. So, deciding the best way becomes a daunting task for parents. Here, parents need to stay calm and understand the needs of their children and work accordingly.

Inculcating Good Habits In Children

Kids are involved in wrong activities as soon as their parents become busy with their tasks. When parents cannot devote proper time to them, they fail to teach good manners and habits in them. This can have various consequences- children can get addicted to smartphones and electronic gadgets. They can surf sites harmful to them on the internet if parents don’t monitor their activities.

Children may disrespect their elders and younger ones. The parents don’t teach them the difference between right and wrong deeds at an early age and don’t give them time and attention.

These parenting challenges have become very common in the household these days. Overcoming these challenges will require a lot of hard work, planning, understanding between mother and father, understanding the changing environment, and patience.

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