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II. Adjectives

An adjective is a word that describes the qualities, traits, or number of a noun.

1) How to Use Adjectives to Describe Your Trip to a Village?

    Size: The adjective used to describe the size of place include tiny,small,big,huge etc

    Location: The adjective used to describe the location of a place for instance north,south,west,east, near the sea or the mountain etc.

    Adjectives: Other adjectives to describe a place include beautiful,attractive,safe,calm etc.


   Size: The village I visited was a huge one. However, you must be careful enough as one can easily get lost in the quiet orchards and gardens that have massive trees.

   Location: It lies by the lush green mountains.

   Adjectives: It is not modern as a city but not very traditional either. It is calm, safe, and easily accessible to cities and towns.

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