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Learn Opposite Word for Class 1 English

The opposite words in English for class 1 help children become better at comparing and describing two different things. The learning concept covers the important opposite words as examples, common mistakes, and a mind map to understand the topic well. This helps in the meaning of reading skills.

In this learning concept, the students will learn to:

  • Enhance their vocabulary when students write the opposite word in the given context.
  • Identify the meaning of antonyms from a given context.

Each concept is explained to class 1 English students using examples, illustrations, and concept maps. After you go through a concept, assess your learning by solving the two printable worksheets given at the end of the page.
Download the antonyms worksheet for grade 1 and check your answers with the worksheet solutions provided in PDF format.

Definition :

There are words that have exactly the opposite meaning to another. We call them antonyms.

Examples :

Img 1_ hot opposite word_cold opposite word

Look for Meanings of the Word

The way to find antonyms is to remember the meaning of the word. The meaning of both the words are opposite to each other hence the words would be called as antonyms.

Examples :

  1. Img 2_hug opposite word_ tiny opposite word

    This is a picture of an elephant and an ant. We all know that an elephant is a huge animal. On the other hand, an ant is a tiny animal. These two words mean exactly the opposite thing. Therefore, we can call them antonyms.

  2. Img 3_Quite opposite word_tiny oppsite word

    These two words are also antonyms or opposite words. Because they describe two opposite meaning.

  3. Img 4_happy opposite word_sad oppsite word

    In the above example, the first child is very happy, and the other seems sad. The two words happy and sad describe different emotions. Therefore, we can call them antonyms or opposite words.

  4. Img 5_hard opposite word_soft oppsite word

    In the above picture, we can see rocks and a teddy. A rock is hard, and a teddy is soft. These two words – hard and soft are two opposite words. Therefore, they are antonyms.


Why do We Learn Opposite Word or Antonym?

  • Opposite words are great for descriptive writing. We use them in writing to show the two extremes of the thing we are decribing.
  • We can use antonyms to compare two things and describe what we exactly feel.
  • Antonyms help us to improve our vocabulary.

Look at the list of antonyms given below.


Sr. No. Words Antonyms
1. slow fast
2. strong weak
3. bad good
4. up down
5. hard soft
6. wet dry
7. question answer
8. loud quiet
9. strong weak
10. empty full
11. in out
12. boy girl
13. asleep awake
14. clean dirty
15. hot cold
16. big small
17. loud quiet
18. cry laugh


Common Mistake:

Antonyms are two different words that describe exactly the opposite meaning. But the two different words can’t be a combination of a naming word and a describing word or an action word and a naming word. Both have to be naming words, action words or describing words.

Example :

tick Crying - laugh

cross Crying – laughing

Img 6_Opposite word_Mindmap



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