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Describe a Festival of Your Choice

Festivals are a part of our lives. India is known for its popular festivals, which are celebrated around the year.

They are not just celebrated for religious or cultural purposes, but they create bonding among family members, friends, and the community at large.

Some of the aspects of various festivals are the same, and below you will find guidance for writing a festival essay.

1) How to Describe a Festival?

    When describing festivals or ceremonies, write a clear picture of an event with a description, the story behind the celebration, the emotions of the people, etc.

  • Introduction-

         This paragraph should give general information about the festival. Students should write about the following:

    • Mention the name of the festival and the time of the celebration
    • Describe the importance of celebrating it.
    • You can write any other relevant information about the event, like a place used for celebrating the event.


  • The Body Paragraphs-

          Paragraph 1 -

          In the main paragraphs, you can mention preparations made by people on the prior day and describe how it is celebrated on the actual day.

          Paragraph 2-

          In the second part of the paragraph, you include the story or reason for celebrating the festival. You can write about the traditions that are followed by people. For example, cleaning the house, decorating              houses making traditional sweets and delicacies.

          Paragraph 3

          In the third part, you can include the details of how you celebrate the festival. If there is something special that you and your family does at home. For example, a party visiting family members, enjoying                yourself with friends, and wearing a colourful dress.

  • Conclusion-

         This paragraph could include the feelings that the festival brings and how people feel happy about the celebration. The reason people look forward to celebrating each year. It’s one of the great                             celebrations and entertaining events of the year.

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