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Describe the Universally Celebrated Days of the Year

Our country, India, is known for its diverse culture, which includes festivals celebrated around the year. They are not only celebrated for religious or cultural reasons but also because they spread happiness and create a strong bond among people.

a. Start with an introduction

Begin by mentioning the name of the festival and the date it is celebrated.

b. State the reasons behind its celebration.

Explain why that particular festival is celebrated. Also, write about the history and cultural reference behind it.

c. How is it celebrated?

Explain how the festival is celebrated by people. Write the traditions that people follow during the festival. Mention is there are any special preparations done before the festival happens.

d. Food

A festival is not complete without special food. Do not forget to mention the delicacies prepared to mark the occasion. Write the names of specific dishes prepared that day.


e. How did the festival end?

Write about how many days the festival is celebrated and how you celebrate the last day of the festival. In some cases, the idols of the God and Goddesses are immersed in the river.

f. Sample Essay on the Topic:

Easter Essay

Easter is an important festival for all the Christians all over the world. It is observed to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion, which is a Sunday.

On the day of Easter, Christians would visit the church, and the church would be decorated with candlelight and flowers. You could hear the ringing of church bells and music in the background. Apart from these, Easter is great fun as there are many egg games that are played on this day. Some of these games include egg hunting, egg rolling etc. In egg hunting, the elders hide some eggs, and the children have to search for those eggs and get them. Whoever has the highest number of eggs wins the game.

Food plays a crucial role in the Easter celebrations. People on that day like to gather and have Easter lunch together with family and friends. The special Easter dish that has been eaten since ages is roasted lamb, chocolate eggs, and many other desserts like cakes. Moreover, tables are decorated with different fresh flowers such as daffodils, white lilies and tulips.

Easter Sunday is a very special day for spending time with family and friends and enjoying delicious food.

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