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I. How to Describe a Market You Visited?

1) Plan for a Visit to a Market

You can start the essay by writing about why you planned to visit the Market. Did a family member take you to the Market? Did you want to buy something? You can also mention when they planned to take you to the Market. For instance: we went to the Market the next morning.

2) People You Visited a Market With

Mention with whom, how and when you went to the Market. You can also write about the preparation you did before going. For example, you carried a bag to keep the purchased things inside it.

3) Describe the Market Scene

Describe the entire market scene one by one, for example, vegetable vendors, fruit vendors, grocery shops, and meat or fish vendors.

The essay can also include the interactions people have had with the vendors.


    • How are people bargaining?
    • How does your family member purchase things?
    • How much money did they give the vendor?
    • How much money was returned by the vendor?

4) Mention Any Particular Incident That You Remember

If you saw any specific thing or an incident that did hold your attention. It could be

5) What Were the Things That Were Bought From the Market?

Mention the items that were purchased from the Market. Conclude the essay on how you overall felt about your visit to the Market. You can also mention whether you would like to visit the place often. You can also write whether the family member with whom you went asked whether your visit to the Market.


Sample Essay on A Day at the Market

Friday evening, my father asked me whether I would like to go with him to the Market on Saturday morning. I instantly said yes.

The next day morning, my father took a few shopping bags and gave me also a cloth bag. My mom gave him a list of items to be purchased. The Market was about 10 minutes from our home. Dad and I went there walking.

Visit to a Market

I saw vendors shouting out various vegetable names and fruit names with the prices. First, we visited a vegetable vendor and bought half a kilo of okra, some tomatoes, some beans, and some carrots. My father gave him Rs 200. I was counting in my head how much balance dad would get. Ideally, he was supposed to get Rs 50 back. Instead he got Rs 100 back. My dad was on a call, so he perhaps didn't realize. I asked him how you got Rs 100 back. Dad also pondered, and then he told the shopkeeper about the wrong balance he gave. Dad gave me a pat on my back.

vegetable baught from the market

Next, we went to the fruit seller. The mangoes looked so tempting. He had many fruits, which also included apples, two to three types of bananas, watermelon, guavas, Jamun, litchi and jackfruit. Dad bought a few mangoes and bananas.

fruit baught from the market

Then we went to the fish seller. I saw small, big and medium fish. Some were in a round container with water. That place stunk. I covered my nose. However, I love eating fried fish. I don't recollect the name, but dad bought one kilo of fish.

Finally, we visited a grocery store. Dad takes out the list that mom gave them. He checks and tells me also to check whether all the things have been bought or not. From the grocery shop, he buys a few biscuits and two packets of milk. Dad tells me to keep it in my bag. I was happy to carry them.

Grocery shop at the market

We walked back home. Mom and grandma took the bags from us on reaching home. Mom asked me how was my experience at the Market. I replied that I enjoyed seeing things and buying the ones as per your list.

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