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I. How to Describe a Visit to a Market?

Usually, a market is a place where people buy goods for their survival. A market fulfills all the requirements of a person. A visit to a market essay should include the following points.


a. Write When You Went and the Location of the Market

    Start by mentioning when you made a visit to a market. Also, mention its location and how much time it took you to reach the market.

b. With Whom Did You Go to the Market?

    Some people might go to the market alone, and some might go with another person. Mention with whom you went to the market. It can be anyone, like your mother, father, siblings, friends, etc.

c. Describe the Market Scene
    There are many things you will see in the market. If you are visiting the market before a festive season, you might see different things related to that festival.


For example, if you go to the market before Christmas, you will find shops selling Christmas trees and various other decorative items. In fact, there will be many shops which will be decorated with bells and lights. There will also be a sale at most of the stores. Mention if you went to the market before any festival and the things you saw there.

d. What Were the Things You Bought from the Market?
    Here you can mention the things that were purchased there. It could include groceries, vegetables, fruits, clothes, home essentials, etc.

e. Did You Eat Anything in the Market?
    Some market places do have small outlets that sell snacks. You can touch upon the items you munched on. You could also state the items sold by the eateries there, if any.


Sample for Visit to Market Essay

Last Friday, I and my mother decided to go to the market to buy things for our Diwali celebration. My mother suggested we take two bags so that we can carry goods inside them.

The whole market was decorated with golden and blue lights. All the shopkeepers had decorated their shops with flowers to welcome the customers. Visiting the market just before the festive season was a nice experience. The market was more crowded than other days. People had come to shop for the Diwali celebration. We went to shops that were selling diyas, lights, decorative items, rangoli, flowers, etc. We also bought many sweets to distribute among our relatives on Diwali.

There were street hawkers in some corners of the street. They were approaching us with requests to buy the goods they were selling. The shopping bags were very heavy. We came back from the market after an hour.

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