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I. How to Describe a Visit to a Village?

The cities are crowded with people, buildings, and traffic, and all busy running to school or college or office and for other tasks. People, who live in towns and cities, find it relaxing when they go away to a village for vacations or short trips.

Let us look at how you describe your short trip on the topic My Village Essay.

i) Planning a Trip to the Village

To visit any place requires planning. You can write about your parents planning a trip away from the city for a short break. Maybe you overheard it, or they told you as well about the trip. You could also speak about when the trip is scheduled. For instance, summer or winter vacations or national holidays with weekends.

ii) Preparation for the Visit to the Village

Mention how you and your family prepared for the trip. It will include packing clothes, food, and other important things.

iii) How You Went?

Mention the mode of transport used to the village, either by train or car, or hired vehicle. You can also mention what you saw on your journey. You could also speak about any incident that happened during the journey.

iv) Who all Went With You?

Mention the family members with whom you took a trip to the village.

v) Why Did You Visit the Village?

Mention the purpose of the trip to the village. It could be to visit relatives or family friends or just for a short vacation.

vi) The Scenery of a Village

Mention what you see in a village that is different from your home or city. It could be the wheat or paddy fields or domestic animals like hens, cows, and goats. Mention the calmness of a village.

vii) What Did You Do There?

Describe the activities you did with others in the village. Give little details on how you enjoyed the trip and whether you would like to come again or if it is a place you often visit.

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