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How to describe the Season You Like the Most?

There are five primary seasons recognised in India. Every person has their own favourite season for a variety of reasons as they discover the various aspects of each season. Here are some tips to help students who are having trouble composing an essay on my favourite season.

a.Write the Name of Your Favourite Season:

Mention the name of the season you enjoy the most at the beginning of your essay.

b.Mention the Duration of the Season:

The five primary seasons that can be observed during the year andWrite when your favourite season begins and ends.

The seasons are as follows:

    1. Winter: From December to January
    2. Spring: February to March
    3. Summer: April to June
    4. Monsoon: July to the mid of September
    5. Autumn: Eng of September to November

c.Discuss Why it is Your Favourite Season:

Give some details on why you prefer this particular season. Include specific examples of the things you like to do during your favourite time of the year. Write the changes you notice in nature, streets, people, etc., that make you happy. For instance, people enjoy summer for its long vacation and the warm, bright, sunny weather, monsoon because of the cloudy sky, cool breeze, and the scent of the earth it brings.

Some people love the winter season because the cold wind, fresh air, and cosy clothes, and spring as it brings the opportunity to enjoy the pleasant weather. Think about the reason for you like the season.

d.Mention the Fruits and Vegetables You Get in This Season:

Write the list of the fruits and vegetables that grow during your favourite season. Like, mangoes are generally grown in the summer season, oranges in Winter; bitter gourd, cucumber, and beetroot are profusely found during monsoon.

e.Mention any special festival or occasion that occurs in the season:

You can write about any special festival or occasion that takes place during this season, and that is probably the reason that makes this season your favourite.

f.Sample: My Favourite Season Winter

My favourite time of year is Winter. It’s one of the four major four seasons that starts in December and continues till January. Winter weather is extremely cold, and the days are shorter, and nights are longer. We all wear warm clothes like jackets, sweaters and coats. When the temperature drops and the cold wind blows, my mother makes hot beverages and soups, and my father burns pieces of wood to keep us warm.

Winter brings a lot of nutritious fruits and vegetables. People can enjoy eating fresh apples, oranges, grapes, carrots, cauliflower, guava, etc. Moreover, we can see so many beautiful flowers blooming at this time of the year. Dahlias and roses are among them and this enhances the beauty of Winter even more.

Festivals and presents are prevalent during the Winter. One of the many reasons why I prefer Winter is Christmas falls in the month of December. During the winter vacation, I don’t need to wake up early in the morning. I enjoy everything about the season.

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