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I. How to Describe Your Doctor Visit?

Writing about a visit to the doctor will involve all the details related to it. Begin with the name of the doctor you visited and the problem you were suffering from.

  1. Who Is a Doctor?
    A doctor is a very important person in the world. Doctors are the ones who treat people who are sick and unwell. They can also give advice that is good for the health. A doctor usually wears a white coat with a stethoscope around their neck. There are different types of doctors, such as dentists, psychiatrists, orthopaedics etc. who is specialized in different parts of the body.

  2. Where Did You Find the Doctor?
    We will find doctors in hospitals and clinics. Mention whether you went to visit the doctor in the clinic or in the hospital.

  3. Write About the Doctor
    Depending on the health problem you are suffering from, you have to make a visit to the doctor accordingly. For example, if you were suffering from tooth pain, you would visit the dentist. Mention the name of the doctor you visited and write down his speciality like dentist or child specialist or eye doctor, etc.

  4. State Who Went with You to the Doctor
    If you visited the doctor along with someone else, mention it. It can be your mother, father, friends, family members or anyone.

  5. What Were the Things You Saw in the Doctor’s Chamber?
    There will be many things that are kept inside a doctor room. Some of them are the equipment used by the doctor for treatment. Write about the things you saw in the chamber.

  6. What Conversation Did You Have with the Doctor?
    Write down what the doctor told you after the check-up. Also, mention if the doctor asked you to take any medication or not.

Doctor Visit Essay Sample:

Last Friday morning, as I got up and walked towards the bathroom, I felt little dizzy. I did not feel well. I immediately went back to my bed. My body felt very warm and uncomfortable. It seemed that my nose got blocked and body was aching. Soon, my mother came to me after realizing that I didn’t get up. My mother drove me to the family doctor’s clinic at nine o'clock.

We waited for about five minutes in the doctor’s clinic. A nurse put me on a couch and pulled the screens. I laid down on the couch and waited as the doctor attended other patients. He came to check me after a couple of minutes. Doctor Atul Sinha is our family doctor. He checked my pulse with his stethoscope and asked me few questions. He placed a thermometer under my tongue and checked my body temperature. The thermometer showed “101 degrees,”. He said that I am suffering from viral fever and I need to take some rest. He prescribed me some medicines and I was allowed to go.

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