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I. How To Describe Your Father?

You can begin writing the sentence by mentioning your father’s name. Give a line about his profession. Mention about how your father spends time with you and your family. Also, indicate his personality and your thoughts and feelings for him.

  1. Write About Your Father

    Start by writing about his background, which includes information like where he was born, his school and education details. You can also mention the number of siblings he has, if any.

  2. Write About Your Father’s Occupation

    After mentioning his name, write about the work he does is is also called as occupation. Mention how hard he works. You can write about his work schedule which means when does he the timing, when he leaves from his office and coming back home.

  3. Write About the Activities Done by Your Father at Home

    Write about the activities that he does at home. Mention his morning routine, like when he wakes up and what he does after that.

  4. What Your Father Likes?

    Write about his likes and dislikes. Mention the activities he enjoys doing in his spare time. Also, write about his favourite colour, food, TV show, etc.

  5. Write About the Time You Spend With Your Father

    Fathers work very hard, and most of the time they remain very busy. No matter how busy fathers are, they always manage to take out time for their children. You can write about how you both spend time together. Mention if he helps and motivates you in your studies.

  6. Write About Your Relationship With Your Father

    Write about the kind of bond you share with him. Mention how much he loves and cares for you. Also, write about the things you have learnt from him.

  7. Sample Essay: My Father

    My name is Arnav Kumar, and my father’s name is Surender Kumar. My father was born in a small village in Bihar. He has an older brother and a sister younger to him.
    My father is a major member of the family. He loves and takes care of everyone in the family. He is a lawyer by profession. He goes to the court every day. He wakes up around 7 am in the morning, have his breakfast, drops me at the school, and goes to the court.

    He is a very hard-working person. He loves to cook too. He prepares some of my favourite dishes, such as fish curry, biryani, etc. He also helps my mother in the kitchen while making breakfast and dinner. Everyone in the family loves him.
    He is a very loving person. But sometimes he is strict with us. He is also very friendly by nature. He is just like a close friend to me. He always supports and helps me on my bad days. He remains very busy, but whenever he gets time, he spends it with his family. We often play badminton together. I love my father very much.

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