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I. How to Describe Your Favourite Sport?

Sports play a very important role in our lives. They are not only a source of entertainment but also help us remain active and healthy. My favourite sport essay can include details about the sport of your choice. It can be either indoor or outdoor. Start by mentioning the name of the sport. Below are some of the points you should include in the paragraph on my favourite sport.

  1. Which Games Do You Play?
    Mention the games you like to play. Then write about the game that you like to play the most.
  2. Which Is Your Favourite Game of All?
    There are many games that people play all over the world. However, not every game is everyone’s favourite. Mention your favourite sport of all.
  3. Why Is This Game Your Favourite?
    Mention why you prefer the game is the most preferred among all others. This could be because you play well at the game and the
  4. What are the Rules of the game?
    You can name the members of your team or the people with whom you play. You can also explain the rules of the game and how it is played.
  5. When Do You Play Your Favourite Game?
    Mention it when you play the game you like the most. It could be done regularly after coming from school or on weekends.
  6. Mention Your Favourite Sportsperson
    Write about any sportsperson whom you admire the most. Also, mention why you like him or her. Write about some of his or her remarkable performances.

    Sample for My Favourite Sport Essay
    I love to play all kinds of games. I often play with my friends and family members. I like playing both indoor and outdoor games. I like to play cricket, badminton, chess, and carrom. During weekends, I love to play chess and carrom with my brother and my father.
    However, out of all the games, my favourite sport is cricket. During the lunch break at my school, I always rushed to the playground to play cricket with my seniors. After returning from school, I spent at least half an hour to one-hour time in playing cricket.

    Most of the time, my team manages to win while playing cricket matches in school. I often play with my friends Rahul, Rohan, Kunal, Varun, Shantanu, and many others during the lunch break. Playing also helps me to stay active and fit. The things that are needed to play cricket are a cricket bat, a ball, stumps, a pair of gloves, a helmet, batting leg guards, etc.

    My father also loves the game and joins me and my friends while playing cricket. My favourite sportsperson is Virat Kohli. I watch all his matches. He is an inspiration and a role model for me.
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