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I. How to Describe Your Hobby?

  • What are Your Hobbies?

You can write a small general introduction on hobbies. The importance of hobbies as it helps us to learn new activities. It also has health benefits for it reduces stress and makes the mind clutter free.

  • Types of Hobbies

Pen down details on the types of hobbies and what it includes. You can mention the categories like creative, musical and performance, sports, collecting items and being with nature.

  • List all Your Hobbies

Detail the hobbies one by one that you do in your free time or interest in. Describe how you do and what you do. You can also mention if you do these hobbies with your friends or family members.

  • What You Do Mostly in Your Leisure Time?

Mention the hobby that you do the most in your free time and why you enjoy it. Mention the specific things you do and how you do it.

  • How You Became Interested in Them?

Mention about what sparked the interest in you to pick up these hobbies. You can write about any family member or friends or celebrities who has influenced you to pick up these hobbies.

  • How Long Have You Been Doing Them?

Mention since what age or how many months or years have you been practicing these hobbies. Mention whether you go for any coaching to pursue your hobbies further.

  • Why Do You Enjoy Hobbies?

What keeps you interested in these hobbies? Mention that. You can also speak about whether you participate in any related competition conducted in school or local clubs.

  • What Benefits You Get from These Hobbies.

You can write in general why people practice hobbies. Thereafter, you can write about what benefits you particularly get from the hobbies that you do.

Sample Topic: Your Hobby Essay

A hobby is an activity that is done during free time. Hobbies are done frequently and no one gets paid for it. Hobbies are either creative in nature or more active like participating in some sports form.

Hobbies are of various types. They include:
Creative – This can include art and craft(painting on paper or things like glass or pots, paper craft), stitching, writing stories and poems.

Musical and performance hobbies – This will include singing, dancing or learning instruments and much more.

Sports - Sports are great hobbies that keep one active. This includes all forms of sports like cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi, badminton, tennis, race, swimming and so much more.

Collection of various items – This includes collecting cards, stamps, coins, books, magazines or key chains or other unique stuff. Coin collection is also called numismatics.

Being with nature- This includes gardening, camping, trekking , travelling and spending time in the arms of nature, trips to the zoo.

During my free time I draw and colour pictures. Sometimes I draw on blank pages. Sometimes I pick up my coloring book and colour the pictures. I also like to roam around and water plants with mom in the small garden that we have. My mom tells me that since young age I have been interested to draw. In fact she says I would draw flowers and the people at home. My father does a bit of drawing and it is he who guides me often.

During weekends and holidays I go around the garden with mom. I notice the flowers and the butterflies. I love to water the plants with the watering can or with the garden hose. I got interested I gardening seeing my mom taking care of plants just like she would take care of me.

I feel very happy after I do these activities. I love to see how flowers grow from a leaf to a bud to a full-grown flower. There are certain flowers that bloom at night or in the evening. I love to see how butterflies and bees come to have the nectar of these flowers. My garden looks so colorful that it makes my mind happy.

I participate in all drawing competitions conducted in school and locality clubs. I take special drawing classes from a teacher who comes to the locality club every Sunday morning.

Hobbies help to relax from stress and use your spare time well. It also helps to develop certain skills too.

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