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I. How to Describe Your Meeting with a Doctor?

Doctors play an important role in our society. They are considered the community's lifelines. They are the first ones to offer assistance when someone is afflicted with a disease. Doctors work tirelessly to save the lives of patients suffering from illnesses. A doctor's job is to diagnose the disease the person is suffering from and provide appropriate medicines and treatments. There are several types of doctors. Some specialize in heart medicine, while others specialize in paediatric diseases and many others. Check the points and sample provided below for your reference to writing a good paragraph on 'meeting a doctor.

a. Mention the Reason You Went to See a Doctor.

We go to a doctor to treat our illnesses or injury. Mention the reasons you visited the doctor and whether you visited him or her at a clinic or hospital.

b. Briefly Write About the Things You Saw in The Doctor’s Chamber.

Doctors use different kinds of tools and equipment to assess the health condition of a patient. The most common types of equipment used by a doctor are a stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, needles, bandages, and disinfectants. Mention the things you noticed when you visited a doctor’s dispensary.

c. Write Who Went with You to the Doctor.

You might also talk about the person who went with you to the doctor. It can be your father, mother, elder sibling, or grandparents.

d. Mention the Behaviour of the Doctor

Doctors are usually approachable, excellent listeners, and sympathetic to their patients' worries. They treat the patients as they want to be treated. Write about your doctor’s personality, whether he was very polite or rude, or what you liked most about the doctor.

e. Write the Suggestions Made by the Doctor Suggested to You During the Check-up.

Write what your doctor suggested after the check-up. Mention if he prescribed any medicines, asked you to do some medical tests, advised you to do exercise, etc.

f.Sample Essay on the Topic: Essay on Doctor

I had been suffering from a fever for two days now. On the third day, I started feeling giddy. My mother didn’t wait and scheduled an appointment with Doctor Abhijit. His chamber is near our house. My parents took me to the doctor’s cabin. We waited for a while at the clinic for my turn.

The clinic was neat and clean and very well decorated. Finally, it was my turn, and I went inside the doctor’s chamber. The doctor asked me to lie on the bed. He started checking my pulse and took a look at my temperature. Then he checked my heart and chest with his stethoscope.

The doctor was very understanding and polite, and he listened to my concerns very carefully. He told me there was nothing to worry about. It was just a viral fever. He prescribed me some oral medicines and advised bed rest for five days. I took medicine regularly and recovered quickly.

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