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How to Describe Your Visit to Watch a Movie?

A movie theatre is a place where people go to watch films. It is a huge hall where movies are played on the big screen. People can choose when they want to see the film and make the movie ticket booking accordingly.

a. What Are the Various Movie Genres?

There are different types of drama. Some of the most common movie genres. Some of them are melodrama, comedy, and tragedy. All of these genres have a character, a plot, a conflict, music, and dialogue.

Comedy: Dramas in which audience members laugh can be called comedy.

Tragedy: Tragedy is about sorrow and suffering. It shows the tragic events that might have taken place in the main character’s life.

Melodrama: Melodramas have highly emotional plots which bring strong emotions.


b.When & Who

    • Write when you went to watch the theatre (time and date).
    • You might have visited the theatre with your family members.


c.Which Movie Did You Watch?

There must be many movies that might be screened at the theatre. In the description, write the name of the movie. If you know the name of the film’s cast, such as actor names, supporting role names, etc.


d.Write About the Your Wait in the Foyer of the Theatre.

Write how the situation was before buying the tickets in the movie hall. Mention the crowd of people, movie posters etc.


e.How Did the Movie Theatre Look Like?

Write about the appearance of the theatre. Mention the seating arrangements that were available. Were the seats comfortable enough for you?


f.Sample Write-up on Visit to a Movie Theatre

I remember it was early in the morning when I visited the theatre for the first time with my family. I was very excited to see the huge theatre room.

We managed to find our seats inside the dark theatre. I was very excited to see the theatre room, which was huge. Once we sat, we could see the big screen in front of us. The movie which I watched was ‘The Little Red Riding Hood’, which is a classic tale. Alice was played by the actor Amelia. In the story, Alice encounters various hurdles to reach her destination. She overcomes the first few problems. It was interesting as the story progressed when suddenly when we had to take a break due to intermission. My sister was hungry, so my dad decided to buy some snacks. There were many food stalls outside the theatre where people were buying snacks like popcorn, coffee, tea etc.

My dad went out and bought some popcorn for us. After some time, the movie began to play. All the characters performed very well. Everyone enjoyed the movie. The movie was fantastic. I would certainly watch the movie again.

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