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I. How to Give a Brief Introduction About Yourself?

Give a short and clear description about yourself that will include all the important points about you and your life. You can start by mentioning your name, your hometown, school, grade, etc.

1) Tell About Your Parents

While writing about yourself, mention the names of your father and mother. You can write about their occupations too. Give a short description of how you spend time with your parents and talk about your daily routine with them. Write about how your parents help you with your homework and studies.


2) Write about Your Family and Hometown

    • Apart from the names of your parents, write about your siblings if you have any.
    • You can also mention the other members of your family, like your grandparents or your loving pet, while writing about yourself.
    • Describe the place where you live, such as its location, weather conditions, any popular places to see, etc.

3) Talk about Your Likes and Dislikes

Like every human being, you can have many likes and dislikes. You can describe them while describing yourself. You can mention your favourite colour, TV shows, movies, actors, actresses, food, books, pets, sports, and music. Also, write down the reasons for you to like them. Mention your dislikes. It can be about colour, TV shows, movies, foods that you avoid eating, etc.


4) Sample Essay Topic: About Yourself

My name is Neha Verma and I live in a small town called Rampur in West Bengal. I am studying in class 2 of Orchids the International School.

We are a family of seven, which includes my mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, one elder brother and a pet dog. My elder brother goes to the same school as me, and he is in grade 5. My father’s name is Rama Verma, and my mother’s name is Krishna Verma. My father is a teacher, and my mother is a housewife.

My mother helps me with my studies and also with completing my homework. My parents love me very much. They always support and inspire me to participate in cultural and sports activities. I love to play. After coming back from school, my brother and I often play badminton at home. I also have many friends near my house. Every Sunday, I watch TV with my friends.

My favourite colour is blue, and I love mangoes. There is a big mango tree near my school. My father brings lots of mangoes from the market for my brother and me. My parents and teachers have always taught me to be a kind and honest person.

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