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How to Improve Healthy Eating Habits among children?

Let us have a look at few points that you can include:

a. Make Nutrition Education Part of School Curriculum

Nutrition education can be included at early in schools. This will help children to identify healthy foods and avoid junk food in the process. Children will also be educated about the proportion of meals and the time that it should be eaten. This could be made into a local food tradition.

b. Promote Healthy Eating at School

Schools can instruct children to get nutritious tiffin or snacks. Parents must cooperate too. Healthy foods can be included at school events, or celebrations.

Healthy eating


Essay on giving Students Time to Eat Meals in School

Lunch breaks must give enough time to eat, enjoy their meal and socialize. Schools must ensure that students have at least 20 minutes to eat and the rest of the time to play. Having enough time will increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables and reduce food wastage also.

It’s important for schools to communicate with parents about healthy meals. Schools can conduct sessions headed by nutritionists for parents and students. Developing healthy eating habits during childhood and adolescence is important as these stages of life need a nutrient-rich diet.

Eating habits developed during this time will highly influence life-long healthy food consumption behaviour and the overall well-being of the child.

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