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I. How to Start Writing a Song?

A song is a short piece of music consisting of rhyming words which is about the topic and it sounds melodious. Song writing is an art that is a combination of talent. Let us see below how you can learn to write a song.

  • Choose a Topic of the Song

         First decide a specific topic on which you want to write. It could be on mornings or nights or a colour or animal or a climate.

  • Brainstorm about the Topic

         Take a paper and write down the words related to the topic. It could be words or phrases. These should indicate the specific features of the topic you have chosen.

  • Decide on the Mood and Emotion of the song

         Choose the mood of the song. Will it convey feelings of loss, happiness, anger or sadness? The wordings of the song must be written according to the mood and emotion the               song wants to express or convey.

  • Start Writing the Song

         Check the words you have written and start writing short lines or rhyming sentences with them. Think of how to start the song.

  • Which Lines Do You Want to Repeat as a Chorus?

         Decide on whether you want to repeat words as chorus and in which part of the song you want to include it.

  • Is There a Rhyme?

         Decide on whether you would like to rhyme the entire song or certain lines of the song. If you want the entire song to rhyme, then the words must rhyme at the end of each line.

  • Steps to Write a Song that Rhymes:

         1. First choose pairs of rhyming words These could be random words that rhyme with each other like air- bear, water- hotter, better-butter, etc.

         2. Write these pairs of rhyming words one below the other while you leave some space before it.




        3. Frame a sentence which ends with the rhyming word.


            This is a story of a boy upstairs

            Little Johnny cares

       4. Write more lines by repeating steps 1, 2, & 3.

       5. Rearrange the pair of lines if needed for logical order. You can add lines in between the poem which do not rhyme if you need to add it in the

Sample Song: How to Write a Song on Siblings?

This is a story of a boy upstairs
Little Johnny cares
For his baby sister
Holds her hand so tight
With eyes so bright
To play under the sun
It will be fun
Little Johnny has a baby sister

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