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How to Write a Book Review?

A book review is all about giving a brief summary of the content inside the book and expressing your opinion about the book. A book review will help other people who haven’t read the book to get information about the book.

Here are a few points that you must remember to include in your book review of any book in English.

a. Begin with a Brief Introduction to the Book or Story

    Begin your book review by giving a short introduction on what the book is all about. However, remember to keep it short and simple. Do not give too much detail about the book. Remember, there should be          no spoilers!



b. Share Your Likes and Dislikes about the Book

     Write clearly what your opinion is about the story and the way the author has presented it.

     You can answer these points:

    • Write about your favourite character.
    • Mention why he/she/it is your favourite character.
    • Did you like the story?
    • What was your favourite part of the book?
    • Why did you like that part?
    • Mention if the book made you laugh or cry?

c. Tips on writing a book review.

    1. Give a summary:

      Keep in mind the length of the book review. Don’t make it too long as it might be time taking for people to read such reviews. Impress your readers with your review by keeping it to the point.

    2. Proofread:

      Make sure there are no spelling and grammar errors on your book review. People will tend to take your review seriously on if it is correct and appropriate from all sides.

    3. Give your recommendation:

      You can also mention your recommendation of this book to others. If so, what kinds of readers will enjoy it according to you?

d. Write a Proper Conclusion

    Similar to the introduction, your review should have a brief and simple conclusion that would give your opinion about if the reader should read the book. It should hold up all the important points of the review.

  •      Book Review Sample:

              If I Never Forever Endeavor

              This book talks about a bird who has no idea how to fly. The bird was in confusion and had to come up with a decision if it would ever learn to fly or not. On one hand, he wanted to give up because of                  the fear of failure, and on the other hand, he thought that it might succeed. According to me, this book would give some important message to its readers. People should remember that the journey of                    learning new things might seem to be challenging, but after trying, people can succeed in learning it.
              My favourite part of the book is when they finally succeed in learning to fly. I also liked this book because it gives out such a positive message about how to overcome our fears regarding success and                  failure. Reading this book bought a smile on my face. It also teaches about courage in life.
              I will recommend this book for children who are 3 to 8 years old. They will like this book because it teaches about learning new things and how it's important it is to face your fear and go ahead in life.

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