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How to Write a Class 5 Book Review?

Writing a review of a Story is not easy as you have to express your view about the Story. A review of the story will let other people understand the book. Here are a few points that you must keep in mind in the review of the Story.

a. Begin with Describing the Content for Writing Book Review

    Start by talking about the content in the book but don’t give any spoilers. Make sure you don’t write in detail about anything that happens from the central idea of the book. You can include the time or century        it is based on.

b. Write What You Like About a Review of Any Story in English

     Describe your thoughts and emotions about the story. Ask the following questions to write the review in a better way:


     Whom did you like the most in the story?
     Mention why you liked that part of character?
     Was the story interesting for you?
     Did the story make you laugh and cry?
     Things you disliked about the story if any

c. Mention Anything You Disliked about the Story

    Write about the things you disliked about the story. Also, mention why you disliked it.

d. Ways to Write a Review of a Story

  • Keep it short:

          Be careful about the length of the review. Make it short and to the point. Don’t make it too long. Long reviews are not interesting for the readers.

  • Make it error-free:

         There shouldn’t be any spelling errors in the review. Keep a check on your grammar and spelling in the review.

e. Book Review Example for Class 5

    ‘Journey to Juno’ belongs to the Galaxy Zack series. This is the second book of the series. It is one of my favourite stories, and it is as good as the first one.

    Zack is the main character of the story. He joins the Rockets Academy Explorers Club at school and goes on a trip to Juno. Juno is a new planet that nobody has been to. Zack clubs up with Seth, who was          also his classmate but a bully. However, Zack was very excited when he came across a huge galaxy gemmate.

    My favourite part of the book is when Zack finds the gemmate in Juno. The illustration used in the book is so captivating to the eyes. I absolutely love this story.

    This book is perfect for children. The language is easy to understand, which makes it convenient for kids. Moreover, there are pictures on almost all the pages of the book, which makes it interesting for the          younger ones.

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