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How to Write a Diary Entry About a Rainy Day at School?

Writing Diaries help to express your emotions, record ideas or dreams, and reflect on daily life. Most people make a diary entry when they have something to write about. It could be anything that happened that day, future plans, a dream you had, an idea, an idea, or a strong feeling, mood or emotion.

a.What is a Diary entry on a Rainy Day at School?

A diary entry on a Rainy Day at School is writing about how you went to school on a rainy day and how it was different from other days. The diary entry needs to be written from your point of view. It must be interesting to read as well.

b.How to Write a Diary Entry on a Rainy Day at School?

Since a diary entry on a Rainy Day at School is an account written about your experience of going to school on a rainy day, it is vital to include the date or mention when it is being written.

Mention all the activities you did on that day. Mention how you went to school despite heavy rains. Mention the extra items you carried to protect yourself from the rains. Write about how other classmates or your friends came to school that day or whether they were absent.It should be in a conversational tone because it will have informal words, phrases and personal opinions.

c.Tips for a Good Diary Entry on a Rainy Day at School

Mention the setting in the introduction so that it is clear what your topic is. You can answer the following questions:

    • Who?
    • What?
    • Where?
    • When?

d.Format for Diary Entry on a Rainy Day at School

A well-written diary entry will have a proper structure. It will have a proper layout and will be divided into unified, which makes the reading enjoyable and interesting.

Entry Format

e.Write Down any Inspirational Quotes Relevant to the Topic

You can quote inspirational quotes from anywhere—a famous person, or movie, or even a friend or a family member or your favourite book. You can mention a quote in quotation marks at the start or even at the end of the write-up and who said it.

f.Write Honest Entries

Write your entries honestly. You can be truly yourself. Write your emotions, positive and negative, in the way it is. A diary is only for your eyes to read.

Sample Diary Entry on a Rainy Day at School

I always cherish rainy days. I feel it makes the school environment light and fun. Yesterday, as usual, I got ready to go to school. Suddenly it turned dark and cloudy. It started to rain heavily. My school bus was about to arrive.

On seeing the heavy rains, my father suggested that I should not wear school shoes and socks. He told me to carry them in separate plastic covers and wear slippers and go. My mom quickly packed them and gave me. I took out my new printed umbrella and a matching raincoat. I quickly ran to catch the school bus. I loved the smell of rain. My friends loved my new umbrella and raincoat.

As I reached school, I quickly went to the class and wore on my shoes and socks. The space outside the classroom was filled with colourful wet umbrellas. I had also kept mine. I loved that sight. Fortunately, I sat by the window side of my classroom. Nature looked more beautiful. The sizzling thunders scared me though a little. The pitter-patter sound of the rain was like music to the ears.

I made a few paper boats and waited for lunchtime to float them in a water puddle that I could see. However, we were not allowed to play that day, unlike other days. The entire day was cold and rainy. Sometimes it would rain heavily and sometimes drizzle.

Finally, it was time to go back home. Again it started severely to rain while I was about to reach home. I did not want to wear a raincoat. I wanted to get wet in the first rain of the season.

It was just a minute walk to my home, and I got fully drenched. I jumped into the little water puddles as usual and got scolded by my mom. But I was happy. I had a warm shower. I was served warm porridge with potato fries. I enjoyed my rainy day.

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