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How to Write a Folk Song?

a) What is a Folk Song?

The music and songs made by common people that are transmitted from one generation to another are called folk songs or traditional music. There is folk music everywhere in the world, especially in rural areas. Most folk songs have more to do with singing and instrument playing. There are different forms of folk songs.


In India, a few folk songs are listed below:

No. States Folk Songs Description Examples
1. Assam Bihu Geet These songs use simple lyrics describing the activities of the daily lives of Assamese. These songs can be heard during the Bihu festival celebrated in Assam. Song name: Chimik Bjikuli By Kabita Hazarika
2. Bengal Baul People in Bengal sang songs on philosophies of life. Song name: Bolo Hori Re by Purna Das Baul

b) Choose the Right Song for You

There are so many folk songs. Choose a song or tune you want to sing to. Some songs are easy, and some have very difficult lyrics and melodies. You can start with slow songs with a low tempo.

c) Write the Lyrics for the Song

Once you have your song of choice selected, you can use the tune of the song later when you are ready to sing. But before that, you need to write the lyrics of the song. The lyrics are the words used in the long. It is easy to write lyrics if you know how to write a poem. You need to choose any topic that interests you. For instance, you can write about your day at school, a picnic day, or exam preparations and write a few lines on the topic of your choice.

d) Format of the lyric is similar to that of a poem.

For your first song, you can start with five lines.

e) Format of Writing Lyrics for a Song

Write the lyrics for the song by using the clues given below:

  1. The Topic: What are you going to sing about?

         Below is a list of topics you could choose to write a folk song.

    • A traditional custom- unique to your region
    • About the basic necessities of life
    • About the type of food people eat
    • Teaching values through your song
  1. Qualities: Few qualities you can share about the topic. You can write two qualities of the topic.
  2. Activities: The activities you can do. This should include -ing words like singing, speaking, eating, etc.
  3. Your likes: What do you like about it?
  4. Sum it up: A word to summarise the topic.
  1. Do You Play Any Instrument While Singing?

Most of the time, songs can be sung with just your voice and a few handclaps, but to take it to a higher level, some people like to play instrument, such as a keyboard, violin, sitar etc. If you play any of these instruments while singing the folk song, mention it in the song.

While writing the lyrics to the song, try to include the rhyming words in the lyrics. This will make the song sound like melodies.

f) Sample Folk Song Lyrics on the Topic ‘Our Everyday Life.’

Is long, and interesting
Playing, studying, living
I want to sing and dance
Sweet life of mine

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