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How to Write a Visit to a Zoo Essay in English?

A zoo is a type of sanctuary where animals are taken care of and they can be put on display for visitors to see. The word ‘zoo’ is a contracted form of ‘zoological park.’

It is not always possible for common people to visit forests. As it is dangerous to visit jungles to watch the animals. Thus you can safely visit a zoo, and people can watch animals without any threat to life by following the guidelines of the zoo.

Zoos are also a great way of looking after animals of rare species too. Such places in fact, help to save such birds and animals from going extinct. Many birds and animals are brought from foreign lands, different climate zones and terrains for the people to see. They are nurtured and cared for in a zoo.

Let’s look at the layout of the

a. Planning for the Visit

Mention the details of how did you try to plan to visit a zoo. It could be with family, friends or from school. Before a visit to any place, there is always planning that involves deciding on the time, date, and how to reach the place.

b. Who all Went to the Zoo?

Mention whether it was a picnic with family and friends or organized by the school. If it was with your family and friends, mention the people who all went. Do not forget to mention how you all went.

If it was organized by the school, mention the number of students and which teachers were a part of the Zoo visit.

c. Which Animals Did You See at the Zoo?

Mention in detail the animals you saw at the zoo; what they were doing in their enclosures.

You can divide the animals on how they live:

    1. On Land-
      Lions, tigers, bears, monkeys, elephants, giraffes, apes, and reptiles.
    2. In the water-
      Aquariums house animals that live in the water, like whales, dolphins, sharks, sea horses, fish and turtles. Sometimes the aquariums are kept separately, and sometimes they are displayed at the zoo.

Some animals live in both water and on land, and they are known as amphibians, like frogs.

    1. In the sky-
      There are high creatures at the zoo. To prevent birds from flying away, a ceiling is built, or the ceiling is covered with nets. For instance, parrots, other birds, ostrich, owls. Some of the zoos have butterfly gardens where there are several kinds of butterflies.


d. What Did You do at the Zoo apart from Seeing Animals?

Apart from seeing animals, mention the activities you engaged in during your trip. You can also mention what other family members or school teachers did there.

Sample Visit to a Zoo:

A Visit to a Zoo Paragraph for Class 5

Just before the summer vacation started, we were informed by our class teacher that there would be a picnic at the zoo just the day before the school closed for the holidays. I was thrilled to hear the news.

Our picnic was at the Arignar Anna Zoological Park, southwest of Chennai. The night before, I could not sleep but was excited about the picnic. I had packed my bags with snacks, a badminton racket and a shuttle cock. We were told to arrive at the school by 7 am, with our ID cards.

Students of classes 5 and 6 had assembled on the school ground. Our respective class teachers were also with us. I was happy that my science teacher, who is also my class teacher, Mrs. Reshma Iyer, was with us at the picnic. We took our seats in the school bus, along with our teachers. We all played dumb charades in the bus. It was more than an hour’s journey. After we reached the zoo, thereafter we distributed the breakfast in the bus itself. After that, we stepped down to finally enter the zoo.

Visitors can take a tour around the Zoo in a battery-operated vehicle or in bicycles too. We got up batch by batch in those vehicles. I saw monkeys, apes, elephants, tigers, and lions. I also spotted the white tiger, panther and leopard.

We also saw the flightless ostrich with her chicks and a couple of unhatched eggs. I was eager to know what they eat and how the mother ostrich raises the young ones.

I got to see several large animals like the blackbuck, hyenas, lion-tailed macaque, jaguars and much more. I also saw reptiles, snakes, crocodiles, alligators and various kinds of birds, including the peacock.

The best sight, I thought, was that of a herd of deer.
The zoo has ample shade, green cover and open space. There was plenty of space for children to play on slides and other such equipment. There is also a library, where there are books on the living environment and the habitat of these animals.

This park also has a Primate House, an Amphibian House, an aviary tour and more. The park also has a butterfly house with an insect

We had lunch a little late than usual as it took a lot of time to roam around the entire zoo and see animals. We had our lunch and then played around for some time on the slides. Soon after, the teachers were told to assemble near the gate as it was time to leave. We all boarded the school bus by 5 pm and dropped us at our school. My dad had come to pick me up. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this visit to a zoo.

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