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How to Write About my Role Model?

A role model is a person who inspires others with their deeds. Most of us have role models in our lives. It could be a member of the family, a friend, a teacher, or anyone. We choose a role model and imbibe their characters into us. The following points can help students learn how to write an essay on the topic.

a.Who is Your Role Model?
Who is your role model?

Most people have a role model in their lives whom they always look up to. A role model can simply be anyone from our family, a friend, or even a famous personality. Begin your essay stating who your role model is and mention how you’re related to the person who you call my favourite role model.

b.Give a Small Description of the Role Model:

Mentioning the name of the person in the essay won’t be enough. You have to give more information about your role model. Like where the person lives, what he/she does, his/her daily routines, hobbies, etc.

c.Mention the Qualities of Your Role Model:

Describe a few traits that you admire about your role model. These traits could be the person’s high moral values, kindness, work ethic, respect for others, ability to see the brighter side in adversity, etc.

d.How does Your Role Model Inspire You?

Write the reasons why the person has become your role model. Mention the qualities, values, and beliefs they practice that motivate you to become a better version of yourself.

e.Sample: My Role Model Essay in 200 Words

My role model is my elder sister. She is the world’s funniest, smartest, and most perfect. She loves my parents and me very much and always takes great care of us. She is studying engineering at J. K. College.

My sister has the ability to maintain a balance between her studies and her passion for dance. After she returns from college, she gives dance lessons to kids. She is very hardworking and kind. She accepts all the challenges in life with a smile on her face and remains calm and brave when things get tough.

My sister has been a very significant role model in my life. My sister taught me the value of being honest, kind, and respectful. If I find myself in difficult situations, I always ask for her advice. My sister always motivates me to achieve my goals and ambitions in life.

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