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I. How to Write About Your Family?

  1. Write About Your Parents
    • In the first paragraph, begin by mentioning your father and mother’s names, their occupations.
    • You can also mention about their daily routine, like when they wake up, what they do the whole day, when they go to the office, when they return, etc.
    • Write about your experience with your parents and on the time spent with them, and they way they help you with your studies.
    • You can also include their nature towards you, like whether your parents are loving, strict, caring, etc.

  2. Tell About Your Grand Parents
    Apart from your parents, the other elders in your family can be mentioned in the essay. They could be grandparents, brothers, sisters, cousins, etc.
    We will focus on grandparents, although you can use these points to speak about another adult in the family like your aunt, uncle, etc.
    • Refer to information about your grandparents, like where they are from.
    • Additional detail like if your grandmother prepares delicious food for everyone. For some of us, our grandmother also tells us stories. If your grandmother tells stories, then mention it.
    • The ways you spent time with your grandparents can be included in your essay.
  3. Write About Your Siblings

    If you have siblings, introduce them by mentioning their names, the grade they study in, and the names of the schools or colleges if they are still studying. If your sibling is doing a job, state their profession.
    You can also touch upon their daily routine, like when they wake up, what they do the whole day, when they go to the office or school, when they come back, etc.
    Hint at the activities you do with your siblings, like playing, watching television, studying, etc.

  4. Write About How You Spend Time with Your Family
    No matter how busy your family members are, they always find ways to spend time with their loved ones. Indicate the way you spend time with them. Mention if you go out with them on holidays or weekends or vacations or attend get-togethers.
  5. Write About Your Pet
    Many of us have a pet at home whom we love and care for a lot. If you also have a pet at home, touch upon them briefly. Mention its name and how much you love your pet. Also, tell about the the things you do with your pet.


My Family Essay Sample

My name is Pooja Mehra. I live in a joint family that consists of my grandparents, parents, younger sister, my pet dog, and myself. My father’s name is Rahul Mehra, and he is a doctor. My mother’s name is Neetu Mehra, and she is a teacher by profession.

They remain very busy most of the time. They leave home at 9 in the morning and come back home by 5 in the evening. They are very hard-working as well. My parents spend a lot of time with all everyone in the family. My grandfather was a lawyer, and my grandmother, a housewife. My grandmother prepares tasty and healthy food for all of us. My younger brother is in class 2. She and I are in the same school. We go to school by bus. I spend a lot of time with my sister.

We play together after coming from school and also watch television once we finish our homework. We also have a little dog named Jack. Jack plays with my sister and me and obeys our commands. All of us often go for outings or trips on holidays and weekends. I am always thankful to have such a loving family.

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