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How to Write About Your Favourite Game?

Each of us has different choices in games. Some of us love playing indoor games, while some are interested in playing outdoor games. Playing games help us in attaining health and fitness of body and mind. Games are necessary because they help develop and grow the body and the mind, whether in an educational environment or at home.

a.What is Your favourite Game?

Games are of two types. Indoor games and outdoor games. Begin your essay by mentioning which game you like to play the most. It can be indoor games or outdoor games. Indoor sports like chess, carom, table tennis, darts etc. Outdoor sports include cricket, football, swimming, badminton, wrestling, etc. Write which one is your favourite.

b.Why is it Your Favourite Game?

While describing your favourite sport, you can include the reasons why you like to play this sport. You might have developed an interest in playing the sport because you have seen your family members or your friends play this game, or you watch the game on TV, and gradually your interest has developed in this game. The reasons can be numerous. Write down those reasons in your essay.

c.Talk About How Often You Play the Game

Mention whether you play this game with your friends or if you want to pursue it as a profession in the future. Write whether you take any training for the sport or any family members help you to train or to practice the sport. You can include any participation certificates or awards you won for a tournament. Write every small detail in your essay.

d.Who is Your Favourite Sports Person?

Write the names of any sportsperson that you follow. Include any quality you like about the sportsperson and the way they inspire you to pursue this sport in the future. You can also include any interviews you have read about them which speak about their qualities.

e.What Are the Other Games You Like to Play?

Apart from your favourite game, you can also describe any other sport. Mention the reason why you like to play other games and who you play with and when.

Sample Essay on the topic: My Favourite Game Badminton for Class 5

Games are an essential component in every person’s life. Playing a game can directly improve our physical health, weight, height, and also gives us the strength to fight off diseases. It also helps us to stay active even when we get older. Encouraging outdoor games will also benefit us in developing a healthy perspective on managing an active lifestyle. The game which I love the most is badminton. It has helped me to be healthy and energetic.

Badminton is played with a lightweight racket and a shuttlecock. The badminton game was derived from Duke of Beaufort’s House in England, where the first game was played. I have played many games such as basketball, carom, chess, and kabaddi. The game I love playing as well as watching too is none other than cricket. Sachin Tendulkar and Vivian Richards are my favourite cricketers. From my childhood, I used to play cricket in my colony. I was given the task of fielding. Though I was not very good at playing this game, I found it the most interesting sport to play and watch.

Most people are fond of this sport; when there is a match between India and Pakistan, everybody clings to the television till the match ends. When I got admission to the college to complete my higher studies, I started playing with my college team. The team captain was very talented and good at playing cricket. I learnt many things from her. Later I got selected for my college’s women's cricket team and played several matches with the teams in the=the college. I was good at fielding and bowling.

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