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I. How to Write About Your Favourite Pet?

1) Name of the Pet and How Your Pet Looks?

Introduce your pet to the readers. Mention its name and how it looks in appearance and age. If you have a pet dog, you can mention its breed or its color, etc. This will give a visual in the mind of the readers and help them to connect with your essay.


2) What Activities Do You Do With Your Pet?

Describe in detail the activities that you do with your pets.

Examples:  Playing, feeding the pet with food, etc.

3) What Does It Eat?

Mention what food you pet loves. Give details on what is given to the pet. Is there any special food that it gets occasionally.


4) How Do Other Family Members Treat Your Pet?

You must have seen how others in the family show their love for the animal. You can describe the love and care it gets from each one of them. If someone is scared of your pet, you can also mention that. You can also mention if you celebrate your pet’s birthday.


4) What Does Your Pet Do All Day?

Narrate the activities that your pet does on a day. You can describe a day when you do not go to school.


5) Do You Take Your Pet When the Family Goes on a Holiday?

Do write about whether you take your pet along with you on trips. You can also mention about keeping your pet with a relative or a family friend while you all go out.



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