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I. How to Write About Your Favourite Relative Essay?

1) Who is Your Favourite Relative or Favourite Family Member?

Include all the details that are related to your relative. Start by mentioning your relative’s name. If it is your cousin, then mention in which class he is studying, his school’s name, section etc. If your favourite relative is working, write about his job. Also, mention where he lives and how far it is from your house.

2) Mention the Relation With Your Relative
    Mention the bond you share with your beloved relative. You might be good friends with him or her.

3) Mention Your Relative’s Personality
    Write about the personality of the person. Explain the good qualities that he or she has. Mention if he or she inspires you in your studies. Write what the best thing you like about that person is.

4) Mention the Things You Enjoy Doing With Your Relative

    Write about the things you do with your favourite relative when you meet him or her, such as playing, reading, going out, etc.

Sample: My Favourite Relative Essay

My favourite relative is my uncle, Ravi. He is my father’s younger brother. He is a very kind and honest man. He treats me like his daughter, and I can talk with him easily.

On my summer holidays, my uncle Ravi took my cousins and me to the camp, and we tried different activities like painting, playing, swimming, etc. Whenever my father is not around, uncle Ravi takes me to school and also drops me home. He also helps me in my studies. He teaches me and my cousins maths and science. I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful uncle.

We also go to the zoo on the weekends to see the animals. Also, whenever I am in trouble, he always helps me solve problem.

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