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How to Write About Your Leisure Time?

Leisure time is important for everyone after working and studying hard. One can try out different leisure time activities during their free time. Practising recreational activities keeps our minds busy when we are free and also gives us happiness. Writing a leisure time essay will include all the activities you do in your free time. It will also involve every detail related to those activities.

1. Mention What You Like to Do in Your Leisure Time.

Begin by mentioning the activities you carry out during your leisure time. Mention the things you like to do most in your leisure time. It can be reading, writing, painting, playing  indoor games or outdoor games, cooking, gardening, dancing, singing, etc.

2. Which Activity do You Like To Do the Most?

In this part, you can talk about the activity that is your favourite among all others. Also, mention the reason why it is your favourite activity out of all others. For example, you might play, dance, and listen to music in your leisure time, but mostly, you love to play with your sister.

3. How Do Your Parents Motivate You to do any Activity in Your Leisure Time?

You can also write about whether your parents encourage you to pursue your hobby or they don’t like it, if they like it, how they help you to pursue it. If they don’t, mention the reasons why they don’t like it.

4. What Are the Advantages of Practising Those Activities in Your Leisure Time?

Similarly, you can mention the advantages of the recreational activities you do in your leisure time. Activities such as playing, painting, drawing, gardening, etc., give us a great break from all the hard work and many other benefits. For example, playing games such as badminton or cricket and dancing also help us to stay fit.

Sample: Essay on Leisure

There are many things that I do in my leisure time, such as listening to music, playing, dancing, watching television, and going outdoors. I enjoy going out to the park that is near my house. Many of my friends also live near the park, and they join me as well. There are so many games that we can do in the park like badminton, cricket etc.

I also like to listen to music when I have some free time. However, out of all, my favourite activity that I love doing the most is dancing. I began to dance two years back, and I enjoy doing it. It was last year when my parents made me join dance classes. Thus, I am learning Bharat Natyam from my dance teacher.

Sometimes, I also watch television in my leisure time. There are many cartoon shows that I love to watch, such as Tom and Jerry, Johnny Bravo, etc.

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