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How to Write an Article on the Healthy Eating Habits?

An article is a write-up that includes vivid details regarding a topic. It is written for newspapers or magazines or journals to depict something to a larger audience. The format you learn for essay writing could be utilized to write an article.

a. Introduction to Healthy Eating Habits amongst Children

Start your article with a brief on the topic. State the importance of writing about the topic. You can mention any facts or quotations to generate interest in the readers.

b. Main Paragraph: Analysis of Healthy Eating habits amongst School Children

    • To write more on the topic, students should brainstorm to think if there are problems that might exist with the topic. So the following paragraphs must talk about the problems that exist in the topic and give solutions to the problem. You must explain the various kinds of problems associated with the subject.
    • Depict the current condition and the steps taken to rectify them. Mention the disadvantages of the problem. You can also present facts or data mentioning the sources.


It is important to conclude the article and not leave it open-ended. You can mention the actions that should be taken to better the situation.


Sample Article on Paragraph on Healthy Eating Habits amongst Children

In India obesity and overweight are the health problems most of the school children face especially in the urban and semi-urban areas. Urban school children are likely to consume food which is high in calories and few vegetables and fruits that leads to obesity. Schools are important for development of healthy food preferences among children.

A change in food culture has resulted in eating out more common. As per recent research the diets of children and adolescents are high in fast-foods, sugary drinks, and lack vegetables, fruits, calcium and whole grains. Social, cultural, and environmental factors influence eating habits of school children. Peer influence also affects food choices. At home-level, kinds of food available, source and preparation, food preferences of family members and consumption of outside food affect children’s food habits.

Healthy and unhealthy food

There are many challenges when it comes to promoting healthy foods to school children. It is vital to frame policies and guidance to create an environment for healthy eating in school and at home. It is also important to make children aware about recognizing and choosing healthy foods.

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