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How to Write an Autobiography Essay on a Shirt?

A shirt is a kind of clothing usually used by all age groups, be it young, old or adults, or children, for casual and formal occasions. Imagine yourself as a shirt, as that would make the essay much easier to write. Let us have a look at the points to consider while writing a composition on a day in the life of a shirt.

Elements of Autobiography Essay

While drafting your composition, make sure the beginning has an interesting introduction. You can start with a dialogue or a rhetorical question. You can also provide a little information about yourself, for instance, your birth, location, etc.

As you draft the body paragraphs, make sure you add all the details of the life experiences you have gone through. For instance, various stages of life, can include the manufacturing stage in a factory, packaging, transporting, purchasing by a customer, and wearing it on a special day. You can also include personal information such as your appearance, colour, texture, and so on.

A concluding paragraph should be where you restate all the points in short and close it. You may add life lessons learnt. You can make it a little different too. For example, you can write about how you were recycled and reused by others and so on.

Autobiography Sample: Account of a Shirt's Life

I was born in a textile factory near Gujrat. I was picked up raw by my first master, who was a tailor. He then bought me to his shop. For many days, I was kept on his shelf untouched. The tailor always brought new cloth pieces and stored them along with me. I made many friends there. One day, we got separated as he started to stitch us into different outfits, I was disappointed as he did not choose me.

But one fine day, a young boy accompanied his dad to the shop because he wanted to stitch a fine shirt for himself. I was there waiting in the brown shade to be picked up. Suddenly, he looked at me and chose me to be his outfit.

I was so happy that he chose me. I was finally stitched into a fine outfit and was ironed and hung, ready to take home. I was thrilled to move to a new location, which was his wardrobe.

My second new master was a boy who adored me so much that he wore me most of the time. I was appreciated by his friends too. He looked good and presentable when he wore me. He wore me so many times that it made me look dirty and smelly.

So one day, he gave me to the laundry man. This man was the cruellest person, I thought. He once put me in a boiling tub with some detergent. There were other shirts and pants too. We were all boiling in the water full of bubbles. I thought this was the last thing, but no he removed us from the water and started hitting me on the slabs of stones as he believed that would clean the clothes. Later, I was stretched on a thin wire to dry under the sun. I was all bored staying there but felt good as I wasn’t smelling bad anymore and I was brighter than ever.

In the evening, I was straightened under a heavy hot iron. I was finally happy to be at home with my master.

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