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I. How to Write an Autobiography of an Animal?

  • How to Write an Introduction to the Essay?

You must write it as if you were the animal itself. Mention when it was born and its location, for instance, as a pet or in a jungle or elsewhere.

  • If I were an Animal Which Animal Would I be?

Describe the animal’s life you will write about:

    • Write about the life of the animal right from where you grew up till when the animal grew old.
    • You can mention in the form of a story how you were born, then kept in a pet shop, then somebody adopted you and took them to their home.
    • You could also write if you are writing as a wild animal. Maybe you were born in a jungle. Write about your parents, friends, and activities you do.
    • You could also mention being on an animal farm. How did you stay with various animals? Write about the owner also.
  • Mention Any Specific Memorable Incident

Write about any incident that you remember or affected you or your friends or family.

  • Conclusion

Write about the things you would like to change or wish for a happy, peaceful life.

Outline for an Autobiography of an Animal

Let us have a look at how to write an autobiography of an animal with the outline.

Sample: If I were a Cat Essay?

I was born in an alley. I had light brown and white fur. My mom was very protective of my brother and me. Some children would often come and touch us. I would hear them say, “These kittens look so cute, let's take them to our home”. There used to be a lady who would feed us sometimes with rice and sometimes fish too.

One day maybe her son took three of us to his home. He bathed and brushed us and gave us food. We slept on a beautiful rug. I used to roam around the whole day in the house. A bell was tied to my neck; I don’t know why. His friends would come over and take so many pictures of me. One day he decides to name me Leo. That is when I came to know that his name was Harshit. Slowly, I got used to hearing the name and would respond when my name was called.

With time, I learnt how to run, jump and slide through small gaps. I would be fed with rice, fish or meat. Sometimes I would like soft bread too.

I would sometimes open the bottom door of the refrigerator. By then, Harshit would come and give me some cheese from there.

I would play with him and his friends, hitting a ball or with a wool ball. Sometimes I would chase mice. I would climb the steps to reach the roof, and all three of us dozed for an hour or more. I love to play with leaves and try to catch lizards or cockroaches. Somehow, I could never catch them. I hated to get wet and would always avoid the rain.

When they would go for long holidays, I would be kept with my mom and brother in pet care. Once in a while, I would be taken to the doctor.

Harshit or his mom would caress me, play with me and take me for walks. I was extremely happy. I wish to live with this family in their house forever.

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