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I. How to Write an Essay on My School Bag?

One of the most necessary items for students is a school bag. It helps students keep their pencils, books, writing pads, water bottle, lunch boxes, and other essential study materials safe. It also protects people’s belongings from dust, rain, or sun. It is available in several sizes and designs, such as school book bags, sling bags, backpacks, rucksacks, etc.

  1. Give a Brief Description of Your School Bag:

The first thing that comes to our mind when we describe our school bag is its appearance. Start your essay by describing the size and colour of your school bag. You can mention whether the school bag is a gift to you or you purchased it. You can also talk about any distinctive feature or shape your school bag has that you find appealing.

  1. Write Why You Love Your School Bag:

You can love your school bag for many reasons. It might be a gift from your parents or any of your favourite people, which is why you love it. Also, it fits all your essential belongings and makes travelling a lot more fun. Mention the reason why you love your school bag.

  1. What are the Things You Put Inside Your School Bag?

Students usually keep their pencil cases, lunchboxes, water bottles, exercise books, rulers, medicines, handkerchiefs, etc., in their school bags. Consider the items you usually pack in your school bag and write them down in five lines on my ool bag for class 1.

Sample: Paragraph on my School Bag

My parents gave me a school bag as a gift. I love taking it to school every day. My school bag is very useful because it protects all my belongings from sun, rain, or dust. It is waterproof, and I can easily carry my school bag on my back. My school bag is pink in colour. It has a picture of my favourite cartoon character on it. There are four compartments and two pockets in my bag. I keep all my important belongings like my books, lunchbox, and pencil box in it. It is like a best friend to me. It is always by my side all day long. I take good care of my school bag. I never let it get dirty or torn. I wash my school bag weekly to keep it clean and tidy.

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